You’ve cat to be kitten me! After four years, the Internet Cat Video Festival is coming to an end.

Overnight, the Walker Art Center posted a video saying Au Revoir to the annual event.

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The video shows the winner of the first festival, Henri, saying how the festival brought our fascination with cat videos out in the open. And now that the cultural sovereignty of cats has been established beyond a doubt, the Walker is setting the festival free to work on new projects.

They thank all fans and supporters and hope others will be inspired to create copy-cat events of their own.

The Walker is donating all of the festival memorabilia to the Minnesota Historical Society.

This all started as a fun diversion in the summer of 2012. Then it continued to gain more global attention every year. By the second year, it was a grandstand event at the Minnesota State Fair.

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Last year, it drew 13,000 to CHS Field in St. Paul.

The Star Tribune reports the historical society does not have any plans right now to book its own cat video festival, but said if it’s about history they’d certainly consider it.

A spokesperson from the Walker told WCCO that they are focusing on the new Sculpture Garden and expansion projects at the museum.

“We’re going out on top with a 13,000 crowd last year. It’s time for us to try new things, that’s our mission, and part of our DNA,” spokesperson Rachel Joyce said.

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The woman who started this whole thing told the paper she no longer watches cat videos after getting saturated with them.