By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Meet Michael Sheridan. He is 22-years-old, and he helps out at Eastview High School in Apple Valley.

Sheridan has Hurler syndrome, which is an enzyme issue — but it has hardly slowed him down.

Nowhere is that more true than on the basketball court. He is the manager for the girls’ team, and he is into it.

“He’s a lot of fun. He can bring light to a lot of moments,” said Molly Kasper, Eastview girls’ basketball coach. “I know coaching, a lot of different times he’s sitting two seats down from me saying, ‘Oh this doesn’t look good, this doesn’t look good, coach!'”

More than that, he is a part of this group. He has been part of this program for eight years.

“He’s just kind of part of the team. He’s kind of the heart of the team I would say,” said Eastview player Allie Pickran. “I consider him as my teammate. He considers me as his teammate.”

This is his team, and it means a lot to him and the girls he motivates.

“He comes to shoot-a-rounds, he comes to everything. So that can always be an inspiration to the girls,” Kasper said. “As the girls get older, they can recognize that.”

Now before you think it’s all good, it’s not. Sheridan is also a football fan, and his favorite team is the Green Bay Packers. But we’ll let that slide since he is such a great teammate to the folks at Eastview.

In fact, you could make a case his future might be in politics. It seems his impact stretches well beyond sports; he has instant recognition.

“Everyone in Apple Valley knows who he is,” Pickran said. “You go to food places, he’ll be there. The workers know who he is, just pretty much everyone. Everyone wants to be his friend.”

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Mike Max