MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Twins are hosting the Chicago White Sox for their home opener Monday afternoon, and the game is expected to be a sellout despite cool and windy conditions.

The Hanson family, consisting of two brothers and two sisters from Darwin, won tickets to Monday’s home opener and are making a full day of it. That started with a free breakfast outside Target Plaza just before dawn.

Roseanne Hanson said the Twins have never done well when she comes to Target Field, but her brother, Sean, is more optimistic despite the team’s 0-6 start.

“They’ve lost six but we’re going to win today. It’s the home opener, we’ve gotta win,” Sean Hanson said.

Jessica and Phillip Hanson came out decked in Twins gear and with some added protected against the unexpected spring chill. After all, it’s April in Minnesota and just about anything is possible with spring weather.