MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Every spring, City Pages takes a look at the best of the Twin Cities in a special issue, and this year, they cited a number of WCCO-TV personalities among the best in town.

In the issue hitting stands Wednesday, the weekly paper called Kylie Bearse the best TV weatherperson in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

“A combination of Michele Tafoya’s solid, on-camera sensibility and Mary Tyler Moore’s girl-next-door approachability, Bearse is the sunshine on a January day with a high temperature of minus two,” the paper wrote. “Most folks talk weather because it’s an easy conversation topic. Bearse delivers the forecast with a passion.”

City Pages also endorsed Mark Rosen as the best TV sports anchor.

“There remains one king of the Twin Cities. He is Mark Rosen,” City Pages said. “He’s still a breath of fresh air within the sporting commentariat, an antidote to the screeching blather that’s overrun the field, where so many think they’re suited to becoming a Vikings coordinator just because they play a lot of Madden. With Mark Rosen, you don’t have to turn off the sound. Or worry about suffering damage to your IQ.”

Also, City Pages unveiled the results of their readers’ poll, which also included a few WCCO personalities.

Amelia Santaniello was called the best TV newscaster, and Mark Rosen was again named the best TV sports anchor.

You can check out the full results of their 2016 survey here.