MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Minnesota state lawmaker today proposed an official state color for the state:

The color purple, in honor of Minnesota native Price, who died last week. Since news of his death, landmarks around the world have illuminated Prince’s iconic color: purple.

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“It is a tribute to Prince,” said State Senator Karin Housley, a Republican from St. Mary’s Point. “It’s a nice gesture that we can do as a state. Purple can mean so many things to so many people in this state.”

Minnesota already has 18 official state symbols, including a state flower, a state fish, a state bird and even an official state muffin. And of course, the Minnesota Vikings are purple and gold.

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Twenty-four other states already have designated state colors, but none of them might fit as well as Prince Purple.

Senator Housley — whose official state senate ring is purple amethyst — says Minnesota’s color will be immediately recognized and understood everywhere.

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“Prince — we feel in Minnesota that he was ours,” she said. “And he loved our community, but he also shared his gifts with the whole world. So we are very very proud, and very lucky to have him as a member of our community.”