MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – An Australian-based artist who painted a tribute to Prince in Sydney is seeking funds to do a bigger mural to the artist in Minnesota.

According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, 37-year-old Graham Hoete, who goes by the name “Mr. G,” painted a mural of Prince after the musician’s sudden death last week at Paisley Park.

“When he passed away, I thought ‘How can I use my art to pay tribute to him?’ and I thought I’d paint a mural,” Hoete told the ABC.

Locals in Sydney have since left their own tributes to the Purple One at Hoete’s mural, making the site yet another place around the world where Prince fans have mourned his passing.

Now, Hoete is working to raise funds to do a more ambitious, 5-story work in Minnesota. He says Prince fans asked him to paint in the musician’s home state.

“They asked me ‘Why did you paint it in Sydney? Why not Minnesota?'” he said.

Hoete says he wants to paint near Paisley Park in Chanhassen. He is now raising money for airfare and looking for help in finding accommodation.

He is also looking to work on a large wall for an image he says will likely take him two or three days to complete.

To contact the artist, email him at planetgreenman@gmail.com