MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – From the Indiana primary election to the Olympic torch heading to Brazil to passenger politics on planes, here’s a look at the four stories to know from May 3, 2016.

Indiana Primary Elections

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Voters in Indiana are heading to the polls to decide who should be their presidential nominee Tuesday. This primary could be the final test for both party’s candidates.

Donald Trump expects to win a majority of the 57 delegates at stake in the GOP contest, despite attempts by Ted Cruz to blunt his momentum.

Hillary Clinton is locked in a tight race with Bernie Sanders in the state, but remains 90 percent on the way to clinching the party nomination.

Olympic Torch Heads To Brazil

The Olympic flame is set to light up Brazil.

But the torch relay may kick off more than just South America’s first Olympics.

Protests are expected in response to a deep recession, countless problems surrounding the games and an impeachment process involving Brazil’s president.

At least 12,000 torchbearers will carry the flame to 329 cities and towns, ending in Rio on August 5.

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Researchers Discover 3 New Planets

For the first time researchers have discovered three Earth-sized planets orbiting an ultra-cool dwarf star just 40 light years away. It’s the first time planets have been found around these types of stars.

Scientists said it opens up new territory in the search for life beyond our home planet.

A telescope in Chile made the discovery.

First Class Correlation To Air Rage Incidents

There are plenty of things that can set a person off when they’re flying. One of them appears to be a little jealousy of first class.

A new study shows there are two factors that increase the likelihood of air rage incidents.

One is whether or not there is a first class cabin on board. The other is whether or not economy passengers had to pass through first class.

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The study also found, however, that air rage incidents were also more likely to happen in first class.