MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Tensions exploded for the second-consecutive day at a Twin Cities terror trial.

Sahra Warsame, the sister of Abdirizak Warsame, was handcuffed and briefly detained Wednesday morning as she and at least 30 others waited to get into court. She had previously dated Abdirahman Daud, another defendant in the case

Abdirizak was once part of the terror plot, and is one of ten young terror suspects indicted in the case.

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He is one of six who has pleaded guilty in the case, and he is the third cooperating member of the plot to testify against the three remaining defendants.

While Abdirizak faces a maximum of 15 years as a result of his guilty plea, the three defendants are facing possible life terms if convicted.

He has helped bolster the prosecution’s case in his two days of testimony. Judge Michael Davis warned the mother of defendant Abdirahman Daud Tuesday about a confrontation she allegedly had at the courthouse with Abdirizak’s mother.

Testimony Wednesday revealed that Sahra had been Daud’s girlfriend. The fight Wednesday morning appeared to begin with an argument between Sahra and her mother.

Family and friends of the defendants minimized the fight, and criticized Abdirizak’s credibility after Wednesday’s testimony. Ayan Farah, mother of defendants Adnan and Mohamed Farah, talked to WCCO about Abdirizak’s testimony.

“The young man who testified against my son was very scary, and the government has offered him a reduced sentence,” said Ayan Farah through an interpreter.

Defense attorneys did not have as much ammunition against Abdirizak as they did against two other cooperating witnesses.

While the two previous witnesses admitted repeatedly lying to grand juries and federal authorities, Abdirizak never did. He had pleaded the Fifth throughout his grand jury testimony.

The prosecution is expected to wrap up their case Thursday morning, and two of the three defendants are expected to call witnesses to the stand.

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