MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Beginning Saturday, those who ride Metro Transit’s new A Line will have a faster and more comfortable commute.

Metro Transit says these new buses will be up to 25 percent faster than traditional buses. The buses will have train-like features, better bus stations and Wi-Fi.

They will also stop on the campuses of several universities in St. Paul, helping many students commute.

“They can do their research, they can do their service learning, they can be the kind of citizens that we all expect them to be. So this is very, very important to us,” said Hamline University President Fayneese Miller.

You’ll pay for your ride before getting on the bus, so buses will spend less time at each stop.

Drivers will also be able to communicate with traffic signals, so they can get a few more seconds to make it through green lights.

These buses will run down Snelling Avenue, Ford Parkway and 46th Street. This weekend you’ll be able to ride for free.

Metro Transit expects the A Line to provide up to 8,700 average weekday rides by 2030.