MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The girlfriend of the man who police shot and killed at a traffic stop in Falcon Heights said he had a permit to carry and had a weapon on him when the shooting happened.

Every state has different rules and rights when it comes to having a permit.

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In Minnesota, you cannot get a permit to carry if you’ve been convicted of a domestic violence crime or if you’re serving a felony sentence.

WCCO’s investigation into Philando Castile’s criminal history found he had none of those.

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People committed to mental health institutions or who are getting drug treatment are also forbidden from getting permits.

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Also in Minnesota, you are also not obligated to inform an officer that you are carrying. But if an officer asks you, you do have to tell them and inform them where the gun is positioned on your body.

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WCCO spoke with Andrew Rothman, the vice president of the Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, about his experiences with officers.

“Three times out of three when I informed the officer that I had a permit, the officer asked where it was. I told them and they said ‘Yeah, leave it there.’ And three times out of three those officers then turned their backs on me and proceeded about their business,” Rothman said.

A permit to carry in Minnesota is issued by your county sheriff and is good for five years.

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Police have not confirmed whether Castile had a permit to carry in this case.