MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Brock Lesnar never played a regular season game for the Minnesota Vikings, but the former Gophers wrestler stood up for his teammates while donning the purple during training camp and preseason play.

Former Viking receiver Nate Burleson shared such a story with the Vikings’ web site and the NFL Network going back to 2004. Now a UFC fighter and pro wrestler, Lesnar used some of those moves to get revenge on the Kansas City Chiefs during a joint training camp practice.

Burleson said quarterback Daunte Culpepper was the recipient of a “cheap shot” during a practice with the Chiefs in 2004. It is widely known across the NFL that in training camp and preseason practices, quarterbacks are not to be touched.

Burleson said Lesnar immediately came out on the field, asked which Chiefs player had done it, found the player and threw him to the ground, suplex-style.