MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Most of Minnesota’s delegates will cast their ballots for Marco Rubio at next week’s National Republican Convention in Cleveland.

Minnesota is the only state in the country that Marco Rubio won, which commits a majority of delegates to vote for the Florida senator on the first ballot.

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But Minnesota’s Donald Trump delegates are unfazed.

“It feels fabulous!” said Sheri Auclair, an exuberant Minnesota Trump delegate.

“I need to have the public see that there’s a lot of people like me who will hold up a sign and say ‘I support Donald Trump,'” she said.

Minnesota’s delegation to Cleveland includes:

— 17 Marco Rubio Delegates.
— 13 Ted Cruz delegates.
— 8 Donald Trump delegates.

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Ben Golnik is a Rubio delegate heading to a Trump convention.

Trump is not his first, second or third choice, but he expects Minnesota Republicans to close ranks behind Trump.

“I think, like any candidate, people have different concerns,” said Golnik. “I know in the Democratic Party you have Bernie Sanders supporters who are not entirely behind Hillary. So, I think you’ll see that divide, but I think, ultimately, I think both parties are going to come together.”

Despite Trump’s string of primary victories, there’s a movement to “un-bind” convention delegates so they can vote for someone else.

Auclair is not only against it, she’s doing what she can to stop it.

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“It reminds me of a group of little kids who didn’t get their way, so they’re doing a little temper tantrum in the background,” she said. “And I just want to say ‘Guys! Guys! Guys! C’mon! Settle down!'”