By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Dangerously high heat and humidity is settling into Minnesota.

Temperatures are feeling like 105 degrees because of the high level of humidity. This heat blast had many people searching for relief Wednesday, while others simply embraced the hot temperatures knowing it doesn’t last forever.

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It’s just plain hot, and it will stay that way until at least the weekend.

For some, a cool dip in a body of water is how they dealt with Wednesday’s heat. Others did what they could to try and deal with this blast of heat: Running for relief.

Diving under the water is the best way for some to beat the heat at the Bunker Hill’s wave pool in Coon Rapids.

“It’s nice to go in the water. It’s so hot out, like standing on this right now is burning my feet, that’s how hot it is out,” Josie Potranent said.

Avoiding the hot concrete is what Chad Putney wanted to do on his birthday.

“We came out and found a picnic table and were sitting in the shade having a little relaxing time before we go back to the craziness of the pool,” Putney said.

Others embraced the heat.

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“It’s a beautiful day of the Summer,” Vic Bennett said.

Vic Bennet and his yellow lab Charlie are out trying to set a personal record.

“Thirty-three thousand steps was my record before so I wanted to hit 34,000 steps today,” Bennett said.

He’ll do it in the heat, drinking plenty of water along the way.  Vic says Charlie will get off the leash near the creek so he can take a cool dip.

These young people from Iceland have no choice but to be out in the sun. They’re playing in the Schwan’s USA Cup in Blaine.

“In the game it’s kind of hard to breathe because we are used to cold air in Iceland,” said an Iceland youth soccer player.

But they do see the upside to being out in the heat. It’s also good to know the Viking clap, that not only promotes team spirit, it also produces a cool breeze on a hot Minnesota Summer day.

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Although for some the heat is good, it can cause problems for the elderly or those with breathing problems. Now is a good time to check on older neighbors or friends who may not have air conditioning, take them to the beach or simply invite them over to enjoy an evening of central air.

Reg Chapman