MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The summer roadtrip through Minnesota and Western Wisconsin is all about Going to the Lake. So how about a stop at a celebration called Waterama?!

Matt Brickman and Ali Lucia traveled up to Glenwood, Minnesota today. And they hit the water right away on Lake Minnewaska. It was just a perfect day to enjoy this great Minnesota getaway.

WCCO Arrives In Glenwood!

The big draw here, of course, is Lake Minnewaska, and there are a lot of ways to get out and enjoy it. Lakeside Restaurant in town offers dinner cruises. Minnewaska is a big lake — about 28 miles around — so there’s plenty to explore.

Peters Resort

On the shores of one of Minnesota’s most beautiful lakes sits a family resort that just celebrated 100 years. Evan Peters represents the fifth generation of his family to make memories for countless vacationers. His great great grandfather worked on the railroads.

When Henry Peters passed through Glenwood, he knew he’d found home. The main lodge built in 1915 still stands, and is on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s a building that has stayed unchanged to visitors from all over Minnesota and the U-S.

Mount Lookout

On your way into town, you’ll first see an incredible view from Mount Lookout. It was officially donated to the city of Glenwood in 1934, but it was likely a favorite spot for visitors long before that.

It was part of the first large-scale effort to make develop roadside attractions during the Great Depression, creating jobs for the workers, and what the made creates great views for the rest of us.

Glendwood’s History

Just off the shores of Lake Minnewaska, the Pope County History Museum in Glenwood has a story to tell. It’s a living history of the town and county that are now celebrating 150 years in existence. The museum started in the 1930s under of one of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s New Deal programs. Then and now: The town has appreciated the role of history.

Welcome Parade

These towns we visit really roll out the red carpet for WCCO, but Glenwood took it to another level. They lined the streets with people and put together a parade, just for Ali and Matt! So they got ready, and took their duties seriously. Watch the video to see how it went!

Lakeside Ballroom

If Lakeside sounds familiar, it’s because just a few weeks ago, ‘CCO viewers voted it Best Lakeside Dining in Minnesota. When you’re here you can see why. It’s a beautiful setting, and they have great food, drinks and a huge facility for weddings or big parties like tonight. And they love the shoutout from ‘CCO viewers.

Everyone who works here is wearing t-shirts boasting the title of “WCCO’s Viewer’s Choice for Best Lakeside Dining.” It’s very cool to see that just a few weeks after our story ran!