MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – If you’re steady recycler in Hennepin County who nevertheless is amazed at the amount of trash your household generates, then the county has a new initiative you’ll want to check out.

It’s called the Zero Waste Challenge, and it follows 50 households for a year, taking a look at the goods they buy and the waste they create. The goal is to find solutions to reduce waste and increase recycling. These solutions could be part of future county programs.

The county announced the Zero Waste Challenge on Monday. Households taking part in the challenge will opt to make low-waste lifestyle changes and then track their waste and recycling weekly. Help on implementing the low-waste lifestyle changes will be available in the form of coaching and hands-on help, as well as workshops and classes.

Participating households will receive a $350 stipend. The Zero Waste Challenge is slated to start on Sept. 15 and go for a year.

To sign up for the challenge, click here.