MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A former University of Minnesota-Duluth student claims to have reached one of the highest levels in the game “Pokemon Go.” Now his account is being sought after to buy.

Adrian Allen says it took him about 19 days to hit level 30 in the popular mobile game. He says he walked nearly nine miles a day playing it and lost 12 pounds.

Then Allen was told to try and sell his account on eBay. So he put the buy now price at $15,000.

“I got an email saying, ‘Hey, somebody straight up bought your account,’ so that was very exciting,” said Allen. “The next day I guess, I tried to pull the money from eBay and that’s when I got the notification from them that they were blocking the transaction.”

It turns out Allen trying to sell his account is a violation of “Pokemon Go” owner Niantic’s terms of use. The online auction site recently changed its policies to avoid violating other company’s terms and conditions.

Allen says he hopes to find another way to contact the buyer to sell his account.

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