By Reg Chapman

ROSEMOUNT, Minn. (WCCO) — A Rosemount couple is looking for help in finding the missing link to their happiness.

Bob and Chris Bade met in high school, dated in college, and married after graduation, but their plans for a family came to a halt when Chris was diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Together, they beat it and now they’re concentrating on having children again.

At the beginning, life was going according to plan for Bob and Chris.

“It was a big wedding for recent college grads,” Bade.

Married right out of college, the two high school friends wanted to start a family.

“Our goal was three kids by the age of 30 and then we were going to be done,” Chris said. “At 26 we were married a little over three years and I was diagnosed with stage 4 colorectal cancer and pretty much started the hardest year we’ve ever had.”

“We were just starting to plan, family planning,” Bob said.

Chris has no family history of colon cancer and she had very limited symptoms. The cancer diagnosis changed their lives and their plans for children.

“It was either fight and live or focus on having a kid, and we obviously chose to fight and live,” Chris said.

After countless rounds of chemo and surgeries, Chris is now seven years cancer-free. For the past four years they’ve been trying to adopt.

“It’s the traditional method of ‘You’re in the book, here is your four page profile, you’re in there with 59 families and if a potential birth mother is looking at adoption she has to choose to meet you,'” Bob said.

Bob and Chris love Minnesota sports teams, the outdoors and time with family. The only thing missing is a little one to share it all with.

“I kind of feel like we have this amazing amount of love towards each other, and our dog is beyond spoiled because of this over-abundance of love and I think that we have more than enough to share,” Chris said.

The couple turned to social media for help. They say it will take a network of people to help find a mother willing to give them a chance at being parents.

Bob and Chris hope someone will help them realize their dream. They know they’ve been lucky once.

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death behind lung cancer in the U.S. They hope to beat the odds again and be able to adopt a child soon.

If you’d like to help you can reach Bob and Chris on their Twitter page: @bobnchrisadopt. For more information about Colon Cancer, symptoms and how you can help raise awareness and funds contact the Colon Cancer Coalition.

Reg Chapman