MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Minneapolis city officials are appealing a judge’s decision to put a minimum wage vote on November’s ballot.

On Monday, Judge Susan Robiner ordered the minimum wage referendum to be placed on the Nov. 8 ballot.

Minneapolis City Attorney Susan Segal said Tuesday evening that the city has also filed a petition for accelerated review by the Minnesota Supreme Court. The city hopes there will be a ruling before this fall’s election.

Minnesota Neighborhoods Organizing For Change held a rally in favor of the minimum wage ruling Tuesday morning.

On Tuesday, NOC created an event entitled “Rally For $15.”

NOC said the inclusion of the referendum on the ballot is a major victory for workers in Minneapolis, but it also begins a new phase of the campaign.

Comments (11)
  1. Wanye Kest says:

    I’m going to start a petition to repeal the city sales tax(s). Pretty sure it’ll pass if it gets on the ballot. And how about a referendum that removes all the parking meters? Sounds like an idea that would win in a landslide. Be careful what you wish for folks. There’s a lot of morons out there who will vote for anything that sounds good. Public referendums are a slippery slope and they cut both ways. go ahead, put this nonsense on the ballot. We’ll wait our turn and we will get even. You can count on it.

    1. Tony Clifton says:

      Excellent comment. “The goal of socialism is communism.” A comment by Lenin. The sign has a Lenin-look.

  2. Dan Mack says:

    I an disappointed that CCzero failed to name the section of interstate freeway targeted for this . Ahh well. Next time.

  3. Dan wydyla says:

    With now the referendum in place to vote on, and its a major election year, my thinking the voting is going to be no for a $15 hr wage. We’ll see.

  4. golfer says:

    15 Dollar hamburger , 20 dollar chicken, 30 dollar steak, 5 dollar fries plus tip = no customers

  5. jeff says:

    if 15 per hour was a good idea it would already be implemented by companies. and if thats the case why stop at $15.. I hope businesses pull out of minneapolis let that city be a pure example of the lefts failure to understand basic economics.

  6. Do people really think that this referendum is going to pass?. Demographics have changed some within the metro but when it comes to an issue like this, being a major election year, it will get voted down by the silent majority. The senior population will say no, and their the ones who always vote more than any other age group.

    1. George Orwell says:

      Yes it will pass. The voters are idiots. They elect people like Kieth Ellison and Phyllis Kahn (OK, she’s done).

      And the judge, Judge Susan Robiner, is a complete liberal tool.

      Minneapolis will be the next Detroit.

  7. Terry McGough says:

    I am more liberal than most around here(Trumpeters).. This I don’t get though. Minimum wage earners get a 90 percent raise. The guy/ gal now making 14/hour doesn’t get a 90 pct raise, the one making 22 / hour doesn’t get a raise ,etc. So their jobs are devalued. Plus: The,price of a 200k house will not go up, nor the price of an Escalade to drive. What will go up is the price of what the minimum-wagers buy most:’milk, bread, diapers, etc.( And gas to get to work to earn that 15!) And making 15/ hour for the most menial jobs removes any incentive for those people better themselves, because now they are making the 15 an hour they always dreamed of!