By Kate Raddatz

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Vikings fans may want to listen up — hearing experts are asking fans to take precautions to protect their ears when they go to major events at U.S. Bank Stadium.

“The noise tended to just bounce all around,” Christian Burres, from Plymouth, said.

Burres said he had a great time going to the Luke Bryan concert at U.S. Bank Stadium Friday, but said it was the loudest venue he’s been to in Minnesota.

“That was by far the loudest,” Burres said.

On social media other fans pointed out the stadium’s loud acoustics. The day after the Metallica concert at the new stadium, one Facebook user wrote “my ears are still ringing.”

“Stadiums for a long time have had noise levels that can be damaging to your hearing,” Dr. David Geddes, an audiologist for HealthPartners, said.

U.S. Bank Stadium could be the loudest stadium Minnesota has ever seen. The Minnesota Vikings website says the roof on U.S. Bank Stadium features more “acoustically reflective material” and “should make the stadium louder” than the Metrodome.

A local radio station measured the sound during the soccer match at U.S. Bank Stadium reaching over 105 decibels. HealthPartners says that is ten times louder than the volume at an average NFL stadium.

Dr. Geddes says any sound over 85 decibels can damage tiny cells inside the ear. Even if your ears stop ringing after a loud event, you could have problems down the line.

“It’s not necessarily that you go home with permanent hearing loss after one-time visit, but over an extended period you may have noise-induced hearing loss,” Dr. Geddes said.

Dr. Geddes says it’s important to wear ear plugs during loud games.

The Minnesota Sports Facilities Authority said ear plugs will be available at guest services for events at U.S. Bank Stadium.

Dr. Geddes also recommended downloading an app for your smartphone to check decibel levels — you can find a list of popular apps here.

Kate Raddatz

Comments (22)
  1. James says:

    Loud stadiums are necessary to sports teams like the MN Vikings. When fans lose their hearing, they gain street credit for being the best fans in the world. Just like drinking as much beer as you can before your check liver light turns on makes you the hardiest tailgater in MN.

    1. James: Your black humor is really very funny! When these blasé fans have another few Sundays at this level, and then add in a couple of concerts at this level, in a few years, they will need very expensive hearing aids and they won’t be half as cool as they think they are now. Being deaf is NOT a joke; self-inflicted is even worse.

  2. Zach says:

    I thought the big story from Luke Bryan was that the sound was too low and acoustic was not good?

    I was at Metallica and the first two bands were not loud at all. The only reason Metallica was loud was because they turned the levels way up.

    I never thought to myself this is uncomfortably loud my ears were ringing a little after yes but not any more then other concerts I have been too.

  3. Everything about this billion dollar boondoggle is a failure. No one likes the stadium. I watched all the local tv crews ask hundreds of soccer ticket holders in the stadium how they liked it. All they could get was “nice view out the window”. Lots of complaints about everything. We all knew this was going to be another light rail style failure. The design is UGLY liberal modern art. So you know everything inside will be ugly, incompetent, flawed like a typical MNDoT project.

  4. Jeff Kiecker says:

    How about we don’t exaggerate things to make this a story?

    “A local radio station measured the sound during the soccer match at U.S. Bank Stadium reaching over 105 decibels. HealthPartners says that is ten times louder than the volume at an average NFL stadium”

    So….you’re telling me that the average NFL stadium is 10.5 decibals (ie. breathing)? I’m not saying it’s not loud, it’s the same as any other stadium. People are grabbing at straws to find a reason to criticize.

    1. Bill says:

      What they are telling you is that big words like “decibel” are fun and exciting. Especially when you look up what they actually mean.

    2. Philip Lincester says:

      Decibel measurements use a base 10 logarithmic scale; hence the “dec” part of the name. You need to understand the math to understand the comment. Obviously you don’t understand either.

    3. Phil H says:

      I would believe that the measured sound was 10 dB greater at the soccer match than it would be at an NFL game (not a factor of 10 times). A 10 dB increase in the measured sound levels corresponds to twice the perceived loudness level. At 95 dB (continuous), the “safe” exposure time is about an hour. At 105 dB, the “safe” exposure time is about 5 minutes, so they have a serious problem here. There are things that venue can do to improve the acoustics in the venue, which will improve the quality of music from bands, as well as reduce the noise level from crowds.

  5. Jim PARKS says:

    Yet because of the team playing in the stadium, expect it to have the lowest volume in the NFC Central.

  6. Jonathan says:

    “A local radio station measured the sound during the soccer match at U.S. Bank Stadium reaching over 105 decibels….”

    Geeze. Just think what the volume will be if they get an exciting sport in there.

  7. tom treebow says:

    could hardly hear the audio on this video.

  8. Jack Pod says:

    Sounds like the Vikings are trying to improve employment opportunities for Audiologists. It just might work.

  9. Paul Roberts says:

    The People of the State of MN were forced to pay for this gift for the owner. Let the owner pay for the sound proofing upgrade for the Vikings stadium.

  10. John Galt says:

    So now Vikings fans will be deaf and dumb.

    1. Rooster says:

      That’s too bad – then they will be Packer’s fans.

  11. Wasted $$$ says:

    We went to see the stadium at the open house. That was one of the first things I told people about the visit – loud – add to that the generic look of everything other than that window view and we should probably start saving to be hit up to pay for the replacement stadium.

  12. RandyoftheRedwoods says:

    Jeff Kiecker- better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.

  13. MW says:

    I wish someone would have told me in1972, that listening to Led Zeppelin in stereo with headphones on would mess up my hearing in2016. I would turned it down! Not! There are things worth listening to, and when you are old you are glad you can turn the other day to day drivel off.

  14. Robert Fastner says:

    I am safely poor enough to never have to worry about going into the Vikings stadium. I have been to the Twins stadium on a work outing once.

    1. Dan Mack says:

      You are not alone. The millions forced to take food off their table to pay for Ziggy’s toy will never have the money to waste seeing it.