Police Liability Insurance To Remain Off The Ballot

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The Minnesota Supreme Court has reversed the judgement of a Hennepin County District judge, who ruled that the $15 minimum wage measure should go to a city-wide vote in November.

Earlier this year, the group “15 Now” collected 20,000 signatures on a petition calling for a city-wide vote in November to create an amendment to the Minneapolis city charter that would raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The petition was brought before the Minneapolis City Council and was denied, as the city attorney found the minimum wage was to be regulated via ordinance, and not appropriate as a charter amendment. The group then filed a lawsuit.

Last week a Hennepin County judge ruled against the city, saying the matter could be addressed as a charter amendment and compelled election officials to include the measure on the November ballot. The city quickly appealed the ruling.

On Tuesday the case went to the Minnesota Supreme Court, where justices heard arguments from both sides.

On Wednesday the Minnesota Supreme Court announced a reversal the district court’s decision, with direction to dismiss the petition and to enter judgement in favor of the city’s appeal. With no higher court to appeal, the charter amendment and petition are effectively dead.

Still, after the city council initially denied the ballot measure, council members directed staff to research an ordinance that would raise the minimum wage. Those findings will be presented in early 2017.

The Minnesota Supreme Court did affirm the lower court’s decision to block a police liability insurance proposal from the ballot.

Comments (9)
  1. Joy says:

    The MN Supreme Court just saved jobs and likely Minneapolis.

    1. Dan Mack says:

      The Illegal aliens and non-citizens looking for easier money have rights. Here in the Socialist Village through the miracle of affirmative action, we can provide free housing, Obamacare, EBT cards, and all college expenses to the illegals and then give them all high paying government union jobs. They only come here for the easy life, How can you blame them? We can afford it. It’s the right thing to do.

      1. Dan Mack says:

        Now we just need to build some more toy trains so the illegals and non-citizens can ride for free and in style to the blm protests, airport and road disruptions, the welfare and doctor’s offices, voting booths, and schools.

  2. dan w says:

    I believe this was the wrong decision by the court, but it’s just a lost battle, the war will go on.

    1. Dan Mack says:

      Well said comrade. Your dedication to defeating capitalism and the American way of life will not go unrewarded in the party.

  3. $15/hr minimum wage will only turn Minneapolis into a town full of Chipotle’s and Walmart’s goodbye to unique and interesting food. Low minimum wage helps companies with on the job training and bring lower income people up to speed with higher paying skilled jobs.

    1. dan w says:

      Since the first minimum wage was set in 1938, each proposed increase has been met with warnings of the dire consequences associated with the raise, yet those terrible things have never come to pass. Paying people a living wage should be expected of all business owners, if they are unable to, maybe they need to find another line of work for themselves.

      These increases aren’t coming overnight, there is plenty of time to prepare and putting more disposable income in the hands of people who will spend it, always turns out good for the local economy.

      If there are companies actually doing “on the job” training, there are subsidies and other incentives available to them, this shouldn’t hurt their programs either.