MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Happy birthday, Nikko!

On Wednesday, North America’s oldest snow monkey celebrated his 33rd birthday at the Minnesota Zoo.

“Nikko arrived at the Minnesota Zoo in 2001; since that time, he’s been a great animal to have in the troop,” Minnesota and Tropics Trail Curator, Tom Ness, said.

(credit: minnesota zoo)

(credit: minnesota zoo)

Ness says it might be Nikko’s personality that has kept him alive so long.

“As one of the dominant males, he has always been laid back – helping to maintain peace within in the troop which is not typical of male snow monkeys. We believe that his personality has helped him survive twice as long as a typical male.”

The zoo says Nikko has lived longer 99.5 percent longer than other known male snow monkeys.

Minnesota Zoo is located in Apple Valley.

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  1. M says:

    So normal male snow monkey life expectancy is only 0.15 years?

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