Gophers wrestling coach J Robinson is speaking out after he was fired Wednesday. Gophers Wrestling Coach J Robinson Speaks Out On His Firing – WCCO | CBS Minnesota
By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A University of Minnesota wrestling coach was fired on Wednesday following allegations that athletes sold and abused Xanax to get high.

Now, J Robinson is speaking out. It’s an interview you’ll see only on WCCO. Mike Max sat down with the coach of 30 years Thursday afternoon.

Robinson had been on leave since the investigation into the drug allegations began. Was he surprised by the University’s decision to fire him?

J Robinson says he was not shocked he was dismissed as the wrestling coach at the University of Minnesota. He is upset about the way it was handled, and he believes he should have been retained.

Robinson told Mike Max on Thursday that he stood by his wrestlers and he refutes that he was not cooperative in his meetings with Athletic Director Mark Coyle. Wednesday, the University said it fired Robinson for cause, for not being forthcoming about what he knew.

The University says it tried to contact him via phone calls, email, a letter in the mail and a text to tell him of his fate, but could not get a hold of him, so he heard from his daughter.

“No, no. Because the first thing you look at is, first question you ask is did you take care of your guys? Did you help them? Not protect them,” Robinson said. “Find some time in my life as a coach at any place that I’ve been that I’ve protected someone. You can’t find it.”

A spokesperson for the U said Coyle welcomes the opportunity to talk with J Robinson if he does call.

Mike Max

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  1. seth forbis says:

    does he not know that wrestling is the gayest sport ever invented? like literally gay dudes are like “that’s too gay”…but if your in the closet, i suppose it’s almost as good as being out of the closet…

    1. Dawn Walkow says:

      Seth You are truly an idiot to say that guys that wrestle are gay. Even if they were WHO CARES! Most of you men could not handle 2 minutes out on the mat! It is a really tough, disciplined sport which obviously by the way you talk you have none of this. My brothers and son are far from gay but they were/are amazing wrestlers who have went to State and have worked really hard!! So you also must think that UFC is for gay people also? Because those guys are basically wrestling the same time too. You need to not be such an idiot. Keep your sick comments to yourself. Again, who cares if there are any gay wrestlers. There are gay football players, boxers, basketball players. I truthfully do not know of any gay wrestlers and no big deal if I did. That is none of anyone’s business!!!

  2. Dan Mack says:

    Now why would we put a DFL Socialist (gay liberal) leader/drug dealer in jail, much less fire him ? He ougha Sue.

  3. Gary Rettke says:

    The University Administration could have created a “win-win” situation here. Common sense tells you, that, doing the right thing here is the way to make everybody look good! The idea is to educate students, and help them move forward in a positive way. Firing a long-time faithful & hard working employee is not the way to boost morale, and win friends of U of M Athletics. The Adminstation’s “spin” here is not working for a lot of us.