MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Rep. Tom Emmer, weighing in on Donald Trump’s chances in Minnesota, wouldn’t make a prediction, but did hasten to summon the specter of Jesse Ventura.

“Remember, we had a governor that was a wrestler who was polling at less than 20 percent the week before the election,” Emmer said. “That’s the beauty of the secret ballot. You can’t predict what’s going to happen.”

Emmer talked with WCCO’s Esme Murphy and Pat Kessler on Sunday, and countered Murphy’s claim that he stood alone among Minnesota Republicans in backing Trump, citing Jason Lewis.

“What I was saying all along, Esme, as you recall, was I fully expect to support our nominee,” Emmer said. “And when Donald Trump got enough delegates that he was going to be the nominee, that’s exactly what I did.”

Emmer said that this election’s choice between Hillary Clinton and Trump represents a choice whether or not to support “a continuation of what we’ve seen these last seven-plus years.” Emmer elaborated on that, saying the gross domestic product annual growth was 1.7 percent and characterizing the country’s current foreign policy as “lead from behind.”

When asked by Murphy whether Clinton’s health should be considered a talking point in this election cycle, Emmer said “The candidate that I’m voting for is very healthy.” He added that, if there are health concerns around Clinton, he hoped they would be addressed and treated so that “we can dispense with the conspiracy theories and get on with the big issues.”

Comments (3)
  1. **** says:

    uuhh..comparing all star wrestler Ventura to world wide businessman Trump? really?

  2. JT says:

    I voted in that election, and as I remember it the GOP idiot then came in THIRD!! Yeah, I like the chance of Trumpus Americanus coming in 3rd AGAIN!! (Hillary wins, and Gary Johnson 2nd!! LOL)

  3. Kally Waters says:

    Now doctors think Hillary is in the early stages of Dementia…