MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A man once locked up for murder spoke out Friday afternoon.

Terry Olson had been behind bars for more than a decade for a crime he says he didn’t commit. A jury sent him to prison for killing Jeffrey Hammill near Buffalo in 1979.

A witness pinned it on Olson, but later recanted. Olson always maintained his innocence. Some investigators later came to believe that a farmer had unknowingly hit Hammill along a road.

Olson left prison two days ago as part of a deal. On Friday, he said he doesn’t know what would have happened without his family’s support.

“Being locked up for a crime that you didn’t commit is excruciatingly painful and lonely,” he said. “I realize there’s mistakes that are made in the judicial system. It’s disappointing that it’s still excruciatingly hard to correct those mistakes.”

Olson’s conviction was not overturned. He said he does not need an apology. The Innocence Project of Minnesota helped him win his freedom.

Olson said he’s now looking forward to fishing and riding a Harley.

Comments (2)
  1. Greg Laden says:

    This report is slightly messed up.The system that determined that he did commit the crime has now determined that he did NOT commit the crime. So, instead of “a crime he says he didn’t commit” it is now, officially, a “crime he did not commit” … plain and simple.

    Reporting this as a crime he still may have committed but says he didn’t is probably actionable. At least, run it by the WCCO legal staff. You probably want to retract this report.

  2. Kim Richter says:

    I can feel with the man, luckily for a much lesser crime, I was also falsely accused of something I have never done and was lynched in Canada. It was done to me 20 years ago, but has financially and emotionally destroyed my whole life.

    Separating, because my now ex-wife wanted to return to her home country, she falsely accused me of “abusing her her.” There was never a shred of evidence, but in Canada newly arrived people and refugees are preferred prey of criminal sexist groups to falsify statistics to receive more financial support women’s groups. Numerous refugee husbands from around the world became and still become their victims. Corrupted and biased judges, provably in Toronto and in Halifax support and actually commit part of the lynching.

    While I have never been convicted of any wife abuse or any crimes at all, the perpetrators on and off the sexist bench are directly responsible that my child was twice abducted, including internationally, and that I haven’t seen her anymore for over 20 years. Like in a fascist society they all still hold senior positions or retired from such. Since I have been seeking justice for 20 years,I have only been harassed as result, even when I went into exile for years. Falsely accused of “Wife Abuse,” one provable becomes completely lawless prey in Canada and the country’s lawyers deny any support. Especially Canadian “Family” shelters are most dangerous for newly arrived refugees from around the world.