MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A St. Cloud mall was on lockdown for several hours Saturday night after a suspect stabbed eight people, according to police.

It happened just after 8 p.m. There were eight victims with stab wounds, police said. Seven were treated and released and one remains in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, according to police.

Police said the suspect, dressed in a private security uniform, made a reference to Allah and asked one victim if they were Muslim.

An off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction confronted the suspect and fatally shot him, police said.


Ashley Bayne works at the J.C.  Penney store in the mall. She was off Saturday night, but was visiting a friend at the store when the incident took place.

WCCO’s Liz Collin spoke with her on the phone.

“I went closer to the mall entrance by J.C. Penney’s and I was looking at some jeans and all the sudden people were just running in chaos,” Bayne said. “They were screaming, ‘Someone’s stabbing people in the mall,’ and people were just really frantic and were running.

“There were so many cop cars just responding to the area,” Bayne said.

“When I got in my car to get out people were speeding out of there,” she said. “By the time I left my coworker had texted me saying they had all gone into lockdown in the mall. There were no notifications in the mall at all, it was just people running and screaming.”


Mandy Sweeter was shopping at the Target next to Macy’s, where the stabbings occurred.

“I heard something, didn’t know what that was, but then some teenagers came into Target screaming,” Sweeter said. “I thought at first it was just teenagers acting silly on a Saturday night but then the store went on lockdown immediately.”

Police began letting people out of the mall Saturday night, asking each person for identification. Police identified several witnesses for interviews. The FBI has reached out to St. Cloud police, offering their assistance if necessary.

The mall will remain closed until further notice, police said.

“It’s an awful day,” said St. Cloud Police Chief Blair Anderson.”We’ve got eight victims that were assaulted in this mall.

“Guess what? Tomorrow things won’t be the same here.”

Stay with WCCO as this story develops.


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  1. Travis says:

    I’m placing my wager on It was Muslims.

    1. ken wersinger says:

      If it was a white dude his name would be out.

      1. Dan Mack says:

        BLM Mary reminds you that you shouldn’t judge the actions Somali terrorists as a bad thing. Think of all the federal EBT funds they bring into the Socialist Village. It has a multiplier effect on the economy and we can hire more Education Minnesota union babysitters for them as well as bolster the campaign funds for DFL candidates who are importing them. Win Win.

    2. Pete Wagner says:

      I’m guessing crisis actors.

      1. SLIDE says:


        ITS ALL A CON,


        Most americans still “think” muslims flew planews into buildings, and that bin laden was buried at sea.

        IT IS AMAZING.

        1. John Smith says:

          Hehehe … your tinfoil hat must be squeezing your brain.

  2. Stavros says:

    Those darn Methodists.

    1. disillusioned says:

      Minnesota at the mall? Let’s play guess the demographic, better yet look it up on google maps to look at the buildings and streets. You can get a good idea from that.

      1. Ryan J Brown says:

        It was somali. St. Cloud used to be a very peaceful all white suburb. Then the somalis came. Now we are having small problems with gangs of somali youth starting fights, now this. Of course anyone who speaks out against this invasion is a racist. The people in my home state are so naive.

        1. Sniffles says:

          “The first wave of refugees came to St. Cloud at the beckoning of Gov. Tim Pawlenty, bound for the meatpacking factories peppering the Mississippi riverbank. Their willingness to do arduous work for little pay led to friction with the unions.” Thanks Republican Gov.Tim Pawlenty

          1. Dan Mack says:

            Sniffles, So soon you forget.. You are more than a decade off on the Somali terrorist invasion. The great Socialist Village leader Rudy Perpich was the first to invite these third world malcontents into Minnesota, to vote early and often, no-ID required, while sitting in the lap of luxury on welfare courtesy the largess of the Minnesota taxpayers. That as it should be here in the Socialist Village. … Prior to that, the nasty capitalist repuglicans were only letting in Somali immigrants. To qualify for that immigrant status, one is required to provide binding legal contracts that insure the immigrant will not become a public charge, be of good moral character, display allegiance to American interests, , as well as not be taking American jobs. … Perpich bypassed all that and flooded Minnesota with malcontent criminals, illiterate, unemployable, non-English speaking welfare breeders immediately placed on immediate permanent and successive generational welfare, with the best preferential entitlement treatment money can buy. That is as it should be here in the Socialist village. You do the DFL a disservice to not credit them with this great achievement in stamping out capitalism and driving those darn taxpayers out of Minnesota and bringing in a huge breed stock of welfare diversity voters.

  3. Israel4Ever says:

    Obama was right–more climate change induced acts of terrorism

    1. Sal says:

      It is obvious that we need knife control.

  4. Is this one of the people I’m suppose to leave the state for

    1. Mary says:

      Yes. If you can only be around your kind, move on.

        1. Mary says:

          Can you say white-privileged loser?

      1. Mary had a little lamb whose fleece was white as snow.

        When Mary saw its fleece was white,

        She said “It has to go!!”

      2. Mary, Mary, quite contrary,
        How does your garden grow?

        With weeds of white privilege hatred,
        And pretty Somalis all in a row.

  5. William Peters says:

    What are Minnesota’s concealed carry laws?

    1. Minnesota is a shall issue state. The permit is a carry open or conceal. However, most malls ban guns on there premises.

      1. ounceoflogic says:

        Has the off-duty officer been charged yet?

      2. Thomas says:

        This is from the Crossroads Center web site

        Examples of specific activities that are prohibited include but are not limited to:

        Disruptive profanity, vulgar or threatening language
        Unnecessarily blocking walkways, roadways or storefronts
        Running, horseplay or disorderly conduct of any nature
        Excessive loitering
        Operating unauthorized recreational and/or personal transportation devices in the shopping center
        No firearms or illegal weapons

    2. I carry my concealed small handgun on me when I enter malls, regardless of their gun policy. If it’s concealed, they don’t know. No way will I allow Democrats and politically correct liberal mall owners dictate that I must die a horrible painful death at the hands of Muslims who do not follow the law or US constitution, but follow the Quran. A book of hate and death.

      1. I agree. The radio said he has been linked as a rogue ISIS follower.

  6. John Keller says:

    Enriched by Diversity.

  7. And Clinton wants to increase 500% more from the middle east without a plan for venting them!? Trump 2016!!!!

  8. Trump hasn’t been wrong on anything he declared and yet always being criticized for keeping us “deplorables” informed. That’s what I’d hope a good, honest leader would do….and Trump hasn’t been wrong when there’s been an incident in our country or around the globe since he’s been campaigning.

    Hilary………go do some “yoga”.

  9. Grant says:

    If the would impose an assault Knife BAN this would have never happened.

  10. Fred says:

    Thank your neighborhood democrats for bringing these terrorists to the USA. Religion of peace my butt.

  11. Bob says:

    Muslim infested city. I remember when this was a nice place to visit

  12. Bob says:

    Stopped by someone with a gun – how about that!

    1. pixxa says:

      Can’t have that, now. Against the Dem’s master plan. Wouldn’t surprise me if they arrest the hero who stopped the stabber.

  13. The man was shot dead? But Obama stated he was disgusted that Israeli police and soldiers shoot terrorists dead ” because they were trying to attack just using knives”. He and Kerry screamed at Israel that Israel overreacts by shooting terrorists in the middle of terror attacks. He stated there were other ways to stop the terrorist. Maybe he can come to Israel, and then show how to stop a terrorist in the middle of a terror attack, by doing it himself. So apparently There is one rule for American and European police and soldiers, and another for Israelis?

  14. Ezra Tank says:

    You notice how there is no description of this suspect? They know he was yelling “Allah” but the reporters couldn’t ask what he looked like?

    We all know when there is no description what they look like but come on Lame Stream Media.

  15. cleo48 says:

    YOU elect Demo-Globalists, THEY bring these creatures in, the creatures stab and kill you. circle complete.

  16. Gary Cheney says:

    Another muslim terrorist in hell and again a gun in the hands of a good guy saves lives.

  17. Consultofaqctus says:

    Was it a high capacity knife with a pistol grip? Those are the most dangerous….

  18. Jimi Trump says:


    1. The fact that these swine are in this country is TREASON by our leaders in both parties.

      Even though I agree that Obama is the terrorist in chief, a trump supporter would not suggest Obama’s death. SO you must be a Hillary Troll.

      If in fact Obama is a Terrorist Sympathizer, we should:

      1. Impeach him for High Treason
      2. Then he can be tried for High Treason in a court because he is no longer president.
      3. At that point the death penalty can be on the table if convicted, and I would be heartily for that.
      4. If convicted and sentenced to death by a recognized court in the judiciary, he will t hen have the opportunity for appeal.
      5. After appeals are exhausted, the sentence, and he can be executed.

      Of course he will be out of office in 5 months, and we can skip the impeachment.

      Every thing I said there IS LEGAL Secret Service. The president CAN be removed from office, tried for a capital offense, convicted of a capital offense, and then executed. That is perfectly legal and to wish and advocate that IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW.

  19. bobnelsonjr says:

    Secretary of State John Kerry says that air conditioning is as great a threat to mankind as terrorism. He also blamed the media for reporting these events because it needlessly worries people.

  20. Snarf Jabroni says:

    Trump gets validated, and the progressive migrant flood plan of Barry O and SHillary, gets discredited, as the days click by.

  21. dred says:

    The dude is Somali until proven innocent.

  22. Vincent Ardizzone says:

    So they just leave out witness statements that the guy was yelling Alluh Akhbar? Why would they do that?

  23. RC says:

    I have a great idea! Let’s invite in more muslims, they seem to be integrating so well.

  24. Deplorable Centipede says:

    Guaranteed this was a Somalian piece of trash, who worked as “security” at the mall. These people are a filth on this country and should be removed. Thank God someone was exercising the 2A rights and stopped this evil person full of hate in their tracks. Stop the importation of this hateful ideology! #TRUMP #MAGA Stop voting democrat and vote for America!

  25. Joe Truth says:

    Message to voters: Obama is importing more and more of these Muslim terrorists, and so will Crooked.

  26. driveby_poster says:

    Has ABC’s Brian Ross linked the perp to the Tea Party yet?

    Probably just another JV Team lone wolf engaged in some random workplace violence…. nothing to see here, kindly move along.

  27. They said it was a Muslim Somalian!!! Trump 2016!!! and vent them!!!!!

  28. Deplorable Me says:

    It’s Donald Trump’s fault. He said mean things.

  29. Bruce in AZ says:

    No being covered much by the national media. The Emmys are getting a lot more coverage.

    1. S Strand says:

      The result of decades of dumping violent trash, onto God’s, Country.

  30. You can vote for another four years of terrorist importation and coddling.

    Her name is Hillary.

  31. TG says:

    And Hillary wants to flood us with more of them!

    Vote Trump and stop this insanity.

  32. Corrupt Federal Mafia says:

    Get armed folks get armed. Obama and Hillary are implanting terrorist in America.


  33. There’s a candidate running on a platform of another four years of importing and coddling Islamic terrorists.

    Her name is Hillary.

  34. John Ray says:

    Now someone help me here. I am not supposed to be afraid of these people because Hillary likes them and wants lots more let in, but I am supposed to be afraid if Donald Trump has access to the nuclear codes. These people use knives and guns often to hurt others that they have never met. The nuclear codes have never been used. Is there something here I am not smart enough to understand? Maybe if I were an elite rich Hillary donor living in an enclave with armed security I would be in on the secret. As it is, I fear I am just one of those basket case types, you know, born in America, pay taxes, deplorable.

  35. Deplorable Voter says:

    Between Obama and The Clot, it’s gonna take Trump two full terms to clean up their mess!

  36. Chris Guy says:

    Got nothing against Muslims. Islam on the other hand cannot co exist with freedom. I love freedom and will fight against anything that tries to take it away from me. Islam is evil.

  37. nick says:

    It should be a dark day everyday for radical muslims

  38. Joe Campbell says:

    One person with a concealed carry permit could have stopped this madness.
    Arm yourself and always carry…it is going to get worse!

  39. Nothing has changed for 1400 years, except now they made it to the States. Bottom line the Muslim couldn’t control his theological urges to eliminate everyone not like him. Bad fit for America….Here’s the law:
    8 U.S.C. United States Code-Aliens and Nationality, Chapter 12, Subchapter 11-Immigration, Part II-Admission Qualifications for Aliens; travel Control of Citizens and Aliens, Section 1182-Inadmissable Aliens, (f) Suspension of entry or impositions of Restrictions by President, says
    “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the Interest of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all alien or any class of aliens as immigrants or no immigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”

  40. Mary says:

    Now we see comments from all the phony “christians” – most with their lives full of white privilege – who have treated Somalis as if they are some other – lesser – species. They should be ashamed but instead, they’ll take this as another sign of their “superiority.”

    1. S Strand says:

      If you read the Bible you would know what is going on now, was foretold. One has to wonder, Mary, as you have upset me, just why hundreds of years ago, Africa was not as civilized as other Continents? And it still isn’t today. Take away Jesus, and answer the question, why do these people appear to be violent soul less, entities, that get their rocks off by murdering innocent people. WHY, MARY??????

    2. Fred says:

      What is that little mouse squeaking in the corner? Oh, it’s just Mary defending the terrorist. LOL

  41. LuckFiberals says:

    Boycott Gun Free Zones & Democrats!

  42. Mark Lemmon says:

    It’s time to close down all Mall stores. They make muslims stab people. Meanwhile Obama is bringing thousand more in…

  43. Geri Attrik says:

    put all muslims in concentration camps. castrate all their males at birth

  44. Fred says:

    We are in so much more trouble than you can imagine. Read Mark Steyn’s: America Alone

  45. Ima says:

    Hope they piled some dead hogs on top of him so he couldn’t jump up and vote several times for his favorie Dimocrats.

    1. Old enough to remember says:

      They didn’t have to. Crossroads mall was built on an old hog farm back in the early 60’s. The entire south side for about 2 miles, even Wallmart, (the old sams club) was built on the farm and all the corn fields around it were fertilized with pig manure.

    2. Dan Mack says:

      There are a hundred thousand of his non-citizen terrorist criminal welfare sucking black Muslim Somali lives matter sleeper group happy to do that for him. All voting early and often, Every vote counts.

  46. If you want someone to blame, blame your fellow liberals for coddling the mentality that if you just give hugs solves the worlds problems.

  47. biggoofer says:

    Ban Knives!

    Or pass the Carbon tax and curb Global warming!

    Problem solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. B Da Truth says:

    The news media didn’t give us any description so I didn’t know what the man looks like and what religion he is associated with.
    The Obama Comey FBI will need a 9 month investigation to see if this is terrorism

    1. Tony Clifton says:

      More likely to Squelch it. I read on another News source, the FBI has offered their help. We all know what that now, means.

  49. CRryan says:

    Minneapolis? Oh. I’m shocked. 😛

  50. Swededawg says:

    And yet Obama and Clinton want to disarm innocent citizens. Thank God there was an off-duty officer on the scene.

  51. And now our criminals of Obama will visit this upon the people of Idaho. The only way of dealing with the animals is deportation or (their) death.

  52. Jeffrey Shultz says:

    I suppose now the DOJ will investigate the heroic off-duty cop for his “hate crime.”

  53. Mike Arvand says:

    Another fine upstanding member of the religion of death.

    You cannot coexist with a religion that wants to kill you. islam is a cancer, everywhere it goes it kills anything around it. It’s what it does, its allah it does.

  54. Fred says:

    Hillary’s private thoughts: “God I hate it when the deplorables are right”.

  55. Hillary wants to import even more Muslims.

    1. Sniffles says:

      “The first wave of refugees came to St. Cloud at the beckoning of Gov. Tim Pawlenty, bound for the meatpacking factories peppering the Mississippi riverbank. Their willingness to do arduous work for little pay led to friction with the unions.” Republican Gov.Tim Pawlenty

  56. thecleaner says:

    Barry and Hilary built this. All the attacks are on their heads!!!!!

    1. Sniffles says:

      “But it wasn’t until the 2010s that the population erupted. A community took shape. Families from all over the U.S. arrived in search of relatives. The city nicknamed “White Cloud” became 10 percent Somali.” Thanks Presidential Republican hopeful, Tim (we are our brothers keeper) Pawlenty.

  57. All the mayhem and no one dead but the snack bar. Who saved the day you ask? A good guy with a gun! Trump 2016

  58. It’s like Trump said, time to deport the Muslims. They are genocidal lunatics. Democrats are suicidal for importing millions of them. A civil war will begin if these third world trash are not kicked out of the country soon.

  59. Pauley Revere says:

    Let me guess – Minnesota, knife, ‘allah’, excuse me sir ‘are you muslim’, I’m going with Somalie Islamic Terrorists. Brought to you by the Obozo administration. That’s my final answer.

  60. Go Minnesotans!! Keep on voting for the Clinton woman. One day you just might figure out who your ‘idol’ really is. Maybe it will happen before the election…maybe not until she succeeds in letting 500% more of your ‘brethren’ into your state and one of YOUR family members gets sliced and diced by a member of the ‘diversity’ bunch for whose case you so passionately plead!

    Then you can feel good by saying, “It’s Bush’s fault!”

  61. SlaughterTalmudicGarbage says:

    “isis” and “al qeada” = israeli mossad

  62. ImaHippyBurning says:

    Wonder if HUSSEIN delivered any jokes about ISIS today?

  63. jaz says:

    in a land that has a lot of hunters, it’s kinda weird how they twist up their logic to be so afraid of regular citizens carrying. It’d save a lot of lives.

  64. Good Aim says:

    If they asked if I am Muslim I would have said,,,No, I am Smith and Wesson! Pow Pow Pow!

  65. curmudgeoninchief says:

    Come on, CBS! You know this guy was just shouting “Aloha snackbar!” because he just wanted some Hawaiian take-out. He was harmless. It’s just wrong to blame the Muzzies for this!

    1. Good Aim says:

      Yeah, He was upset The Cookie Store was out of Macadamia nuts for the cookies.

  66. Bruce G Frykman says:

    We are no longer a nation of white men running the show. We are now diverse and this all all part of the wonderful diversity they have in the Middle East. Thank God we have forward sighted Democrats to make sure we all share in the diversity they enjoy in Syria and Libya.

  67. Tom SteChatte says:

    Why isn’t there any reference to terrorism in this article? Answer: because muslims have transformed it into an inseparable two-word term: islamic terror! Don’t these Obama-loving, sycophantic media and sheepish city governments get it? If it isn’t terrorism, then it’s just commonplace, everyday muslim behavior. Orwell’s Disciples aren’t fooling us; we know who the enemy is!

  68. Prayers for the Victims…..AND…..BEST News of the Story….

    An off-duty police officer from another jurisdiction confronted the suspect and (BEST NEWS of ALL) — FATALLY SHOT HIM — police said.

  69. slide says:


    Building 7…get real clear on the facts.





  70. matt says:

    might be time for mohammed obama to lecture us on the evils of christianity. again.

  71. Good Aim says:

    Little Johnny Stevens from Elmwood, Oh wait, It was Mohammhed Mowillarkelimfugez that did this…..TRUMP 2016! SAVE AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  72. Steven Stevens. says:

    If one invites snakes into one’s home,
    one should not cry and whine when they bite.

  73. Good Aim says:

    Being white, I feel really guilty about this and every other attack on people by Muslims since I have to live with my white privilege daily and it hurts so bad to be so white. Not really, Get over it!

  74. Freeland_Dave says:

    Now, being the shooter asked, does anyone have any remaining doubt that this is a fanatical religious war?

  75. Deplorables2016 says:

    This is a result of open borders and bringing in 10,000 Syrian Muslims, ensuring that almost none of the Christian refugees come here. Hillary will accelerate this should she win.

  76. Deplorables2016 says:

    Notice how all the adds preceding the videos are pro-leftist, pro-Hillary? Don’t fall for the program. President Trump or Islamic caliphate; the choice is in your hands.

  77. Barry Hirsh says:

    What, he asked him like, “Pardon, do you have any Grey Poupon?”

    “Pardon, but are you a Muslim?”

    “No, but I DO have this *BANG!* gun. Oops.”

  78. What Obama-Clinton hath wrought.

    7 years and counting…want 8 more (and worse)?

    Vote Hillary.

  79. Bob says:

    And all the people screaming and running – that’s because they were all defenseless!

    1. SLIDE says:





      911 WAS A FALSE FLAG.




  80. Damn cops, there’s never one around when you need one, oh wait…

  81. Oneirishman says:

    Quick sedate Hillary so she can hold a presser talking in the most monotoned drone like inflection ever heard!

  82. Peter says:

    I’m convinced they’re just doing these things for “blood thristy” shock value. They don’t impress me. They are “dumb animals”. Islam (fatwah) is not a religion. It is relgious persecution.

  83. Coy Coleman says:

    Work Place Violence… again! Well bury his body in bacon grease and see if the Muslims get upset.

  84. Pook Pavins says:

    All we have to do is learn Sharia and abide by it nd we’ll be okay. I just bought my wife a Hijab that she can wear when she goes out in public. Hillary has vowed to let 100’s of thousands more Muslims into the US if she is elected and she could be elected. Therefore, we have to protect ourselves somehow. I think abiding by Sharia is the best way.

  85. MikeCnj says:

    Good Morning Minnesota : Did this wake you from your slumber?

  86. islam is a sick and evil death cult

  87. john stallings says:

    as i sit here eating my pork bbq sandwich, 9mm semi auto holstered, i wonder if i ever have an opportunity to show omar what I think of mohammed.

  88. Clinton has said publicly she wants a 500% increase in immigrants from the middle east, that is like saying we need as 500% increase in terror attacks please

  89. Mike Herman says:

    HiLIARy will keep us safe by importing millions more Muslim refugees.

  90. Solomon Goldtraub says:

    Blood is on Drumpf’s hands for antagonizing the poor, innocent, peaceful Muslims into lashing out like this! You goyim are deplorable!

  91. Count Yob says:

    The bloody blessings of diversity strike again. As the controlled media continues to cover up the stabber’s motive, religion and ethnicity/race.

  92. Richard1725 says:

    Every incident like this is another half million deplorables and votes for Donald Trump!

  93. Janie Goodall says:

    Thanks Obama you stinking piece of monkey terdness

  94. Pook Pavins says:

    Thanks BO!!!! Please bring in more!!!!! We’ll all just learn knife attack defense techniques.

  95. John Oliver says:

    I would suggest this was one of Obamas Syrian brothers practicing the Religion of Peace, but that would make me deplorable.

  96. This is all Donald Trump’s fault. If he wasn’t out pointing fingers as Muslims, they wouldn’t be forced to do this sort of thing. People are turning to Islam left and right, and soon this country and all of Europe will worship Allah. You must submit to Allah, or this kind of stuff will happen more and more until you do.

  97. People say there is a RACE problem. People say this RACE problem will be solved when the third world pours into EVERY and ONLY into White countries.

    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  98. Viperdog27 says:

    Sure will hear from the (H)ilary Obama camp that it was a lone wolf not tied to any group. He was a disaffected anti Trump Rush Limbaugh radio listener. Then they’ll tell us how we have to give up our firearms because they are so unsafe. Not that the Terrorist used a gun, but when has that ever mattered to the dipsticks on the Progressive side.

  99. Flannigan McGaffigan says:

    Obama says this isn’t Islamic terrorism: just “mallplace” violence.

  100. jnsesq says:

    So, could this have been a “hate crime,” DOJ? Of course not. There’s no such animal for Muslims killing Christians and other “infidels” because liberal useful idiots would deem it “Islamophobic.”

  101. There it is,,, the Obama Legacy on display. The same one that Hillary Clinton will continue and build on……

  102. Jasonn says:

    Another dangerous bad guy taken down by a good guy with a gun before he could injure or kill anymore innocents. Great argument in favor of concealed carry.


  103. Zeke4544 says:

    Good thing Minnesota has all those strict anti-gun laws. Not trying to gratuitously politicize a horrible thing like this, but if the American citizenry wasn’t so paralyzed from defending themselves, paralyzed thus by elitist bureaucrats and a hypocritical legal system, then perhaps an armed citizen could have put a decisive stop to this with more immediacy and saved some bloodshed, which is what needs to happen in these situations. Good thing for the off-duty cop who just happened to be on hand to eventually end this (and it wasn’t even his jurisdiction), or who knows how much worse it could have been — but as we all know, you should not and cannot depend on the cops being johnny-on-the-spot.

    1. Zeke4544 says:

      A more apt phrasing would be to say, “…then perhaps an armed CIVILIAN could have put a decisive stop to this with more immediacy…” as the off-duty cop is of course a citizen.

  104. Fred Mertz says:

    Hey! Stupid lefties…
    You want more of this? Hillary has already publicly guaranteed to bring an endless sea of terrorists into the United States. Go ahead. Vote for her, you morons!!!

  105. hammerstamp says:

    This is obama’s legacy.


  107. Richard1725 says:

    Another half million votes for Trump!

  108. Narrator says:

    I am Jack’s complete lack of surprise.

  109. Richard1725 says:

    Clinton wants to let MILLIONS of these people into our Country! Vote Trump and KEEP THEM OUT!

  110. Steve says:

    Let me see if I get this. the stabber asked those he was about to stab, “are you Muslim?’. Yet, we can’t cannot ask that question. How is that working for us?

  111. This is why I chose to live in North Idaho and choose to carry a Ed Brown 1911 in condition one everywhere I go.

  112. Hillary will import a million of them and do her very best to ban your right to self defense.

  113. This is what happenes when you vote for Stuart Smalley.
    I bet Stuart Smalley cried tears of joy when he heard this happened.

  114. “The U.S. should take 65,000 Syrian refugees” – Hillary Clinton

    Vote like your life depended on it… IT DOES!

    REGISTER: https://vote.usa.gov/

  115. amy a. says:

    White racism. This is white racism. TRUMP!!!!!

  116. jaz says:

    It’s only “terrorism” if you’re afraid. If you are able to defend yourself, there is nothing to be afraid of. Sheep may find this concept a little too complicated.

  117. doug johnson says:

    Has the Obama administration ordered an investigation yet of the off duty police officer who shot him, to see if he legally owned a gun or if it was really necessary to kill the Islamic terrorist?

  118. George Smith says:

    But if we just bring a few hundred thousand more of them here, they will start liking us…right?

  119. voodoodaddy1 says:

    And this is exactly why I carry a Glock 22 everywhere I go. Always. Conceal Carry is a wonderful thing.

  120. voodoodaddy1 says:

    Just curious Minnesota, are you happy Hillary wants ANOTHER million of these animals allowed in the country? If you vote for Hillary then I guess you want them here too.

    BTW-Keith Ellison will not call them ISLAMIC Terrorists.

  121. Islam is Obama-Clinton’s religion of piece; bloody pieces in fact, of Christian women and children mostly.

  122. Here in Missouri, Constitutional Carry begins on Jan 1, 2016. After that, if some nut case wants to ask me if I’m Muslim or not my 9mm will answer for me, twice!

  123. NormB says:

    “Just do what the man says to do, honey, and he won’t hurt us.”

    “Just do what daddy tells us to do, honey, and he won’t hurt us.”

    Just adding another layer to the nuances of dysfunctional families and Stockholm syndrome in Dhimmisota.

    That’s right, do what the muslims say and no one will get hurt.

  124. Islam the religion of peace?
    Islam is the religion of hate.
    The Middle East and the West don’t mix.
    Why so many Muslims are here is clear.
    They want to take over.
    They are not here to live like Americans.
    Why we keep letting them in is not clear.
    We need leaders in this country who understand what is going on.
    Obama and Hillary sure don’t.

    George Vreeland Hill

  125. jnsesq says:

    America needs more Muslims! Vote Democrat!

  126. Cato Maior says:

    I think now is a good time to thank all of our Jewish friends who have been so instrumental in flooding America with non-white, third-world immigrants. Multiculturalism has been such a blessing; it’s really united us as a country! When I was a kid in the 1980s, there were only white kids at my school, we had a CHRISTMAS concert and got to decorate ornaments, and there were no metal detectors– it was TERRIBLE! Now things are so much more vibrant and diverse. So, again, thank you. Signed, a very good goy.

  127. Lazy Bum says:

    You folks are over reacting.

    This practitioner of the religion of peace had merely brought his knife into the mall to go to the knife sharpening kiosk next to the Doggie Coat kiosk when he yelled out an inquiry about the Polynesian restaurant to eat lunch. So while yelling “Aloha Snackbar”, he merely tripped over an errant piece of bacon on the floor, his knife swung through the air as he tried to regain his balance inadvertently slashing 8 people as he struggled for his balance the length of the mall.

    So you see the policeman over reacted, instead of rendering service to this fine young example of personhood, he shot him down in cold blood.

    If only the mean policeman had shot the knife out of his hand the young fellow would have been able to explain it all, I am sure.

  128. Steve Dekker says:

    Leftist political hacks and the MSM try desperately to avoid calling these acts of Jihadi terrorism what they are, because to do so would be to expose the great harm their refugee and illegal immigration policies have had on American’s lives, culture and safety.

    Leftist ideologies and policies are destroying what remains of the American Dream and they’ve almost succeeded its inhalation.

    Many Americans (whom the Leftist call “basket of deplorables”) are FINALLY waking up and saying enough is enough.

    The only question is whether or not the awakening came soon enough to save our country from Leftist lunacy…

    We’ll find out in 50 days…

  129. Vee Kay says:

    All the news outlets are holding back to verify that there was an actual explosion. First reports from the Washington Times still clinging to the possibility of a gas leak. MSNBC following leads on illegal fireworks. CBS reporting likelihood of unexploded ordinance from WW2 air raids. CNN has inside sources that have leaked there is conclusive evidence linking it to Ted Kasinsky. Yet other sources are calling for an investigation of TRUMP’s likely involvement due to his immediate response, that only a MADMAN or a co-conspirator would be able to accurately call it an explosion, if, after further investigation, that is what it turns out to have actually been.

  130. Ariely Shaien says:

    ***** “Muslims and USA” ************
    What is the difference between USA Muslim citizens and other ethnic citizens?

    **** USA is not at war with the Muslim world but USA citizens of Muslim origin kill their fellow USA citizens.
    For Muslims USA citizens either Democrats or Republicans are kefir to be killed.

    – USA had conflicts with Japan- and no USA citizen of Japanese origin killed his fellow USA citizens

    -USA had conflict with Germany- and no USA citizen of German origin killed his fellow USA citizens

    -USA had conflict with USSR – and not USA citizen of Russian origin killed his fellow citizens

    (Despite that USA helped Egypt to repeal the Anglo- France conquer of the Suez canal, USA help played a major factor in defeating USSR in Afghanistan by the Mujaheddin- USA intervention stooped the Serbia- Bosnia war helping to the establishment of Muslim Bosnia)
    People worldwide should know that according to Sweden foreign minister killing with knifes is not terrorism.
    It was stated by Sweden foreign minister:

  131. Myron Monk says:

    Minnesota, when will you people stop electing Democrats? Democrats are too Politically Correct to deal with terrorism.

  132. Scoot says:

    Obama wants another 100,000 to come into the US before the 1st of the year…yeah.
    The idiot.

  133. David A. Tiangco says:

    Good thing someone brought a gun to this gun-free zone.

  134. Maryetta Mella says:

    Many thanks for the information we were trying to find this while we were scanning the internet as well as your site came up– Many thanks