MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Gov. Mark Dayton said he plans to travel to St. Cloud Monday to offer support for the community following the knife attack at a mall that left nine people wounded and a suspect dead.

Authorities say the suspect, who has yet to be identified, attacked several shoppers at the Crossroads Center mall on Saturday night. Police say he mentioned Allah and asked at least one victim if they were Muslim.

“If true that [the stabbings] were motivated by religious bigotry, I condemn them even more strongly,” the governor said in a press release Sunday.

The suspect was shot and killed by an off-duty Avon police officer, identified as Jason Falconer. He was shopping at the mall when chaos broke out.

Dayton said he’s “deeply grateful” to Falconer for his swift response. The governor also offered his support for the nine victims, three of which were still hospitalized on Sunday. None suffered life-threatening injuries.

The governor is asking the Minnesota community to embrace tolerance.

“I ask everyone in the St. Cloud area and throughout Minnesota to rise above this atrocity and act to make religious and racial tolerance one of the ways in which Minnesotans again lead our country,” Dayton said.

The FBI says it’s looking at the mall attack as a possible act of terrorism.

Earlier on Sunday, an ISIS-related media outlet called the knife-wielding attacker a “soldier of the Islamic State.” It’s unclear, however, if the terror group planned the attack or knew about it beforehand.

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton released a statement Sunday on the St. Cloud attack as well as attacks in New Jersey and New York.

“I strongly condemn the apparent terrorist attacks in Minnesota, New Jersey, and New York. I pray for all of those who were wounded, and for their families. Once again, we saw the bravery of our first responders who run toward danger to help others. Their quick actions saved lives. Law enforcement officials are working to identify who was behind the attacks in New York and New Jersey and we should give them the support they need to finish the job and bring those responsible to justice – we will not rest until that happens. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack in Minnesota, and this should steel our resolve to protect our country and defeat ISIS and other terrorist groups. I have laid out a comprehensive plan to do that. This includes launching an intelligence surge to help identify and thwart attacks before they can be carried out, and to spot lone wolf attackers. We also need to work with Silicon Valley to counter propaganda and recruitment efforts online. Americans have faced threats before, and our resilience in the face of them only makes us stronger. I am confident we will once again choose resolve over fear.”

Keith Downey, the chair of the Republican Party of Minnesota, released a statement Sunday afternoon on the attacks.

“First of all, we salute the quick and heroic actions of Officer Jason Falconer who thwarted this attack from being even worse than it was.  And as we offer our prayers for the victims, we are grateful there was no loss of life.” said Downey.

“The failure of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to take the ISIS threat seriously, supported by Minnesota Democrats, is unacceptable.  It is outrageous that Minnesota Democrats continue to oppose increasing the vetting of refugees coming here from countries where ISIS is prevalent,” Downey added.

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  1. Gus Cunnilin says:

    another fine example from the religion of pieces

  2. Tolerance?! Are you kidding me?! Hey, Muslims! Come to MN where you can go on a rampage and it’s ok, because you are Muslim and we wouldn’t want to be called phobic.

    1. Lisa Daily says:

      i agree, Elaine, you want change dayton needs to go away, need new gov.

      1. vince says:

        Deport this horses ass, to a muslim country.

    2. Rob Bixby says:

      Its the lack of tolerance that has caused folks like this to be radicalized. I know they look different than you and believe differently than you, but can you just put your bigotry aside for a moment and look at people who are different as human beings instead of something dehumanized?

      1. No, it’s their religion that causes incidents like this. Fifth columnists and apologists like yourself is what makes it even more dangerous. Minnesota has bent over backwards to make them welcome and we get stabbed in the back – literally…..


      3. come back to me on that one after your wife, mother or daughter has ben beheaded by one of the “offended” muslims….

      4. Alan Henry says:

        No it is because of the evil that is called Islam. slam is not a religion, it is a cult. It was inspired by Satan and that it why it is so violent.

  3. memphisgrass says:

    Governor Dayton asking for tolerance for those that are trying to KILL you.
    You can’t make this stuff up.

    1. Diane says:

      Yea our so called good for nothing governor is asking us to be more tolerant..Well maybe they should visit his neighborhood and see if he would still be so quick to welcome more of this kind here. Afterall he said if we don’t like it we should move to another state. He wants to make more room for these peaceful creatures (LOL) to come here. Paycheck and housing is all waiting for them when they get here. Some governor(lol ) nothing but a joke.

      1. Rob Bixby says:

        Do you live in a neighborhood that’s primarily Somali, or do you just like to take pot shots from your lily white suburb? Because I live in a primarily Somali neighborhood and these kind of problems are just as rare in that community as they are in other ones.

        1. you do realize they enjoy killing gays right? might be time for you to go visit a mosque or two

    2. Concerned about this says:

      Dayton… you are an idiot, you can not process and speak as a LEADER…. ask for tolerance in a terror attack and tell blacks that the cop(s) are racist… you are guilty as a race baiter.

  4. Norge says:

    From the coward who hid under his desk during the 9/11 attacks, rather then help evacuate the capitol building we get a request for tolerance?? This drug-addled, DFL-machine-elected, mental-midget has utterly lost whatever thread of sanity he still possessed. Yep, and he supports Hillary….nuff said.

  5. This guy is drinking again, what a stupid idiot!! How can a person tolerate people who want to kill us?

    1. D3F1ANT says:

      “Tolerance” is what paves the way for these incidents of Muslim terror CONTINUE to occur. We need to STOP tolerating Muslim terror attacks. Once the Muzzies reign-in their extremists, as a community, Americans will more readily accept them.

  6. shea gardens says:

    All Muslims need to leave this country we don’t want you here

  7. Betty LaRue says:

    I, for one, thank the Governor for his guidance in this challenging time. These hate spewing intolerant goons are not going to help solve any of our problems….in fact, they are part of the problem.

    1. Kally Waters says:

      Yes, just do what the King says, stop all this talk about forming a country based on the right to Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    2. Johnny T says:

      Feel bad for Betty, everyone. Her head is clearly stuck in the sand.

  8. Andy says:

    I keep looking for a “Comedy Central” logo in the bottom, right corner.

  9. Grant Corbon says:

    Here’s how to ban Sharia law in MN http://bansharialaw.com/minnesota/

  10. Nick says:

    Why is he so fast to condemn the officer involved in the St. Anthony shooting, yet so quick to avoid condemnation of this ISIS supporter?

    1. Short Fingered Vulgarian says:

      In one case an Officer shot an innocent man without reason, in the other case an Officer shot an attacker who was in the act of stabbing people. Can you tell the difference? If you can’t, I’m not voting for you for Governor.

      1. Mike Coxin says:

        Do not breed! You are an idiot!

  11. Bob says:

    What a complete idiot.

  12. I will never tolerate hatred from Islam.

  13. Paul W. says:

    Hey Mr. Dayton…get a clue! Its the Muslim Extremist that don’t show tolerance. In light of all the deadly attacks by Muslim Extremist I would say US Citizens have shown incredible restraint and tolerance. Guess if we want to prevent these people, who wish to kill us, from entering the US with effective immigration vetting that puts us in the basket of deplorable racist and Islamophobes.

  14. When someone broke a bunch of car windows outside a mosque in Saint Cloud, The media called it a hate crime, right off the bat without any witnesses.

    Now we’re suppose to be “Tolerant” when the shoe is on the foot – and the crime is much worse?

    We sure have a bunch of ding bat journalists with an agenda in MN.

    1. Tom Merkens says:

      Fear not….They’re out here in California too!

  15. This is what we get for being “minnesota nice”, by allowing this now huge population of people to come into MN originally sponsored by christian faiths, to decimate our state. Do they do anything positive for our state?. It always seems we’re catering to their needs. Tolerance? for who Gov.?

  16. I grew up in mn and have always valued being from there. Its beyond belief that this ignorant dayton has lead the state into terrorist attacks. Somalians run rampant thru this sate spouting isis and muslim messages. Gov dayton was so quick to say hate crime in police shooting before any investigation was done but a muslim going thru a mall stabbing people and yelling isis slangs and he asks for tolerance. You guys need to get him out of office asap

  17. Charlie C. says:

    I can’t stand Trump, and Clinton is no better, but I’m really agreeing with “The Donald” that we should blow them all to hell. And I’m a Christian so God forgive me for saying so, but I’m also an American and we cannot tolerate this.

  18. mm says:

    We want our city back wake up Dayton & why don’t you leave MN and take your mess with you. Never was there any fear before you have been in office.

  19. Remove Dayton says:

    Tolerance indeed. This is the same person that told St.Cloud people to leave if they did not like the immigrants. He has not been around here to see how tolerant the St. Cloud people have been, Its time he wakes up to see what we put up with living and shopping in St.Cloud. Its time The citizens of St Cloud take their town back and send all them down to live with Dayton.

    1. Donald the Eccentric Thousandaire says:

      How tolerant St Cloud has been? You are the most racist town in Minnesota.


    2. Trump's Tax Return says:

      It’s a fact that immigrants commit fewer crimes than U.S. born citizens. So if you want the crime rate to drop in St Cloud, then deport all the white people and replace them with Somalis.

      1. Thomas Payne says:

        Troll. 2 fake names. Your opinion is of no relevance. Maybe, with any luck, you will be their next victim.

  20. Fred says:

    This from our elitist Governor who hides behind an army of armed security. Let this idiot Dayton taste some of those knife wounds and see if he has a change of attitude. This is the same idiot governor that told people if they didn’t like the terrorists to get the hell out of Minnesota. We need a recall vote in the worst way!

  21. netcit says:

    Yet again our Governor makes me ashamed to call myself a Minnesotan. Rather than reaching out to the dozens of families affected by this tragedy and extending every single resource at his disposal to rid this great state of these types of vermin he begs our tolerance. Governor, I expect you to be angry! I do not expect you to beg my forgiveness of our trespassers – my pastor will do a fine job of that. I expect you to LEAD a path of protection for your citizens, I expect you to be outraged over a group of religious extremists trying to kill your citizens. Your citizens have been stabbed for daring to go shopping, Sir! Now it’s my turn to beg your forgiveness, for casting my future vote to someone with a backbone that will attempt to protect his citizens and get angry when they are deliberately harmed. You shame me Governor Dayton! By the way, I’ll not be tolerant!

  22. annjo1 says:

    Nice of Hillary to thank an armed citizen for putting a stop to this attack. If she has her way, that citizen’s gun will be “safely” locked up at his police station the next time it’s needed when he’s off duty, and so will 99.9% of other law abiding citizens’ guns.

  23. Kurt Cook says:

    Let’s see how “tolerant” you are when someone kills your child. Liberal hypocrite!

  24. Kally Waters says:

    They are just getting started. Every Muslim family teaches their kids that it is ok to kill non-believers. Yes every Muslim family in private teaches that killing for their god is a good thing,
    They also teach their kids about how to lie in public and say they are for peace. It is all part of the show. I can not believe our Governor wants us to act like sheep and go to the Muslim slaughterhouse willingly.

  25. Eddie says:

    All of this tolerance is killing us folks.

    Violence in America by followers of Islam dates back to the 1800’s. Islam is at odds with our Bill of Rights. The followers of Islam do not belong in America as permanent citizens.

    Deny, Deport, Defend, Defund…oh, and Gov Dayton, you’re an idiot asking for tolerance.

  26. Lynne Marton says:

    TOLERANCE???? This is what got all of you into this very dangerous place to begin with!!!
    Stop being so tolerant – they need to know that they have to OBEY THE LAWS OF THE LAND.

    If they don’t like it – go back where they came from!!!!

    1. rjnvpn says:

      This governor is afraid of his own shadow – what a piece of work……..

  27. tolerance?? Really??We tip-toe around the Christian hating folks this State has brought here..…. Makes me ill

  28. ct says:

    Meanwhile in Minnesota…Yesterday, a Muslim man, identified as Dahir Adan, dressed in a security guard uniform stabbed nine people at a mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He reportedly praised Allah and asked one of the injured if they were Muslim before he stabbed them. An off-duty police officer was able to shoot and kill Adan before he could injure anyone else. ISIS took credit for the attack.

  29. Why should people have to tolerate being terrorized and murdered by a fanatical blood cult?

  30. Matt says:

    Dayton is the one constantly telling us, “the state doesn’t need anymore white people.” And we must “tolerate” radical muslims trying to kill us or change our ways.

    I say we make him live outside of HIS fortress of a house, without security, in a heavily populated muslim neighborhood and watch how fast his view changes.

  31. Toby Brace says:


  32. zombietimeshare says:

    Translation: Gov. Mark Dayton implores you to double down on stupid.

  33. EK says:

    I am a white, Christian woman who lives in St Cloud. I shop at that mall, often on Saturday nights. The attack last Saturday from a single person scares me a lot less than the hateful words I see spewed here. No single group of people–whether they be defined by race, religion, or culture–is evil or good. People are individuals; all groups have good and bad people in them. I will continue to support my Muslim neighbors who are peace-loving, law-abiding citizens, and I will look to the laws in the land to appropriately punish those individuals of all races and religions who don’t.

    1. Then by all means, put on a cross and go out to your Muslim neighbors. Patronize their businesses. Attend a mosque. Be sure to sit in the proper area though. If you step into the men’s area they tend to get a bit stony.

    2. Kally Waters says:

      OK christian lady, under islamic law you would be nothing more than property. This is an organized assault on you and your children that is only going to get worse. One person did this but he represents many who are getting ready to do the same thing in the name of Islam. This was done in the name of their false god allah. It will not stop unless we do something about it. Get a hint lady.

    3. Kally Waters says:

      Your Muslim neighbors who are peace-loving, law-abiding citizens would cut your christian head off if they could get away with it.

  34. DeNyle says:

    Islam is not a religion. It is not intolerant to reject a medieval death cult that seeks to destroy civilization.

  35. goat10000 says:

    What an idiot.

  36. Karen says:

    First of all, America has been extremely tolerant throughout all attacks including 9/11. If a Quran gets burned Muslims go ballistic, we haven’t been out killing Muslims and burning mosques. This is also hilarious coming from same idiot who removed his entire staff from DC because he was afraid of being attacked. The liberal “narrative” is wearing very thin.


    Is anyone out there beginning to understand why the Crusades happened?

  38. Chai Rak says:

    This is would we have learned to expect from UN loving, globalist thinking, pro criminal Governor Mark Dayton

  39. Hugh Glass says:

    Drunken bum who inherited the family fortune but none of their brains. Typical choice of naive, clueless Minnesotans.

  40. RENAE JACOBSON says:

    The governor has this backwards, it’s not the Christians who need to be more tolerant of Muslims, I think we’ve been very tolerant. Perhaps too much so. Islam has to become more (much more in fact) tolerant of other religions and cultures.

  41. Biglou64 says:

    Tolerance and understand? Probably this should have been on your mind after the last officer involved shooting. Where was tolerance then? You were quick to be the judge and jury and incite violence against police. There has never been a more complete idiot walking the face of this earth.

  42. Do unto others as they would do unto you. It’s best to do so first but that train has sailed.

  43. Michael says:

    Tolerance is why this keeps happening and will continue to happen in future.

  44. Nathan says:

    Just think Hillary wants to increase the Flo of them by 550% I will not be tolerant… NO NO NO not in my country… They need to leave now.

  45. psadie says:

    Another ridiculous statement by a Democrat Governor…WHERE were the ARMED SECURITY GUARDS at this mega-mall??? How many more people would have been stabbed if it had not been for the “off-duty” police officer who just happened to be there at the right time? Minnesotans you need to DEMAND that your law enforcement be more than VIGILANT and ARMED!

  46. Merle Severs says:

    Dayton is Minnesota`s first insane governor. When is he out of office?

  47. Michael Reed says:

    When was the last time the American people went on a killing spree and attacked Muslims? NEVER! Why does this brainless dolt think he needs to preach tolerance to Americans? We are the most tolerant people on the planet! Does he think Americans aren’t tolerant? What PLANET does he live on?

  48. NormB says:

    Tolerance? No wonder it’s called dhimmi-sota. Just do what the bad man with the knife says, people and he won’t hurt us. I’m SURE if it had been a man with a gun and a grudge hizzoner the governor wouldn’t be talking “tolerance” but “gun control.”

  49. Buck James says:

    I never thought there could possibly be more mentally disabled governor than the original “Moonbeamer” himself, Jerry Brown. This guy takes the cake by a wide margin. So sad this guy is running the state, and like Jerry Brown, dems get power because law enforcement, school teachers, fire fighters, all government employees get big sweet pensions and suck off of the private sector worker tax base to keep their sweet heart deals. They will NEVER change their allegiance to the democrat machine EVER! So now you Minnesotans’s luck the many fruits and nuts out here Commiefornia, can reap the harvest you have sown.

  50. Bruce Allan says:

    The tide is turning, now that we can see for ourselves the politicos that are complete globalist freaks – and they respond the same way they do in Germany…. “Tolerance,” doth this elitist lecture from his ivory tower, as his huge security detail guards his life and disregards yours…. “Tolerance…. as we invite in thousands more!”

  51. wise owl says:

    I don’t recall anyone asking for tolerance for Jacob Wetterlings killer, what’s the difference here?

  52. Obama hates America & White, working class, Christian Americans
    Infesting our Nation with the followers of the Pedophile Prophet is but part of his plan

  53. Dikwid Bin Fuqwad says:

    Tolerance for the religion of intolerance? I vote for the opposite!

  54. Come on people. You need to tolerate being stabbed. Don’t be such haters.

    Oh, first aid instructions for stab wounds is cheerfully provided at your local gun shop.

  55. Gonzo says:

    absolutely Governor Dayton, next time someone tries to harm me or kill me, I’ll make sure to be tolerant of their actions.. so as not to offend the liberal turds on the left like you…You really are an embarrassment to the citizens of Minnesota..

  56. gregory hanson says: