ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — Millions of dollars in attack ads and mailers are flying as the battle for control of Minnesota’s Legislature heats up.

New campaign finance reports released Wednesday provide a crucial look into some of the most contested races where that money is getting sent in the fight for the majority. Republicans are defending their House majority while Democrats hope to maintain control of the Senate.

Democratic fundraising arms for the House and Senate have outraised and outspent their GOP counterparts heading into the final weeks of the election season. And outside political groups are spending furiously on individual races because there are no statewide candidates on the ballot this year.

All 201 legislative seats are up for re-election. Reports show hundreds of thousands of dollars flowing into key seats across Minnesota.

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Comments (8)
  1. leftofright says:

    Just more proof that everyone else in the country think that we are not smart enough to make decisions for ourselves. Since the Democrats appear to be fundraising more it appears they think we are dumb or are more worried about how we might vote…

  2. Bud Smith says:

    Don’t forget to mention UNION DOLLARS (tax payer money given to public unions) in your recognition of influential money….

    I still can’t believe this corrupt practice is allowed in this day and age.

    1. ***** says:

      agree–i wish the members would demand transparency on how their dues are spent…

  3. ***** says:

    another issue is the loss of internet controll by Obama’s underr the radar ‘pen and phone’ legslation…FOLKS this is serious call you senators and reps to not allow this to happen. it will be buried in the continuous resolution political maneuver….by this oct 1 and will be arriversible…PLS refer to the link i will post and call to block it…