MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Following the FBI’s release of 2015 crime statistics earlier this week, Minneapolis was named one of the most dangerous cities in the U.S.

However, the good news is that the City of Lakes was ranked low (No. 25) on the dangerous end of the list, compiled by the financial news website 24/7 Wall St.

The website says it made the list after going over the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, which was released on Monday. The report said that violent crime jumped nearly 4 percent in 2015, with a total of 1,197,704 violent crimes occurring nationwide.

Violent crimes are divided in the FBI report into four categories: murder and manslaughter, rape, robbery, and aggravated assault. Nationally, for every 100,000 people, 372 such crimes are committed.

In making its list, 24/7 Wall St. says it reviewed the violent crime data for cities with at least 100,000 residents. The website also reviewed the FBI’s property crime data (theft, vehicle theft and arson) as well as financial data (median household income, poverty rates and the percentage of residents with high educational achievement).

Minneapolis landed on the 25th spot on the list, with a violent crime rate of 1,063 incidents per 100,000 residents. The website noted that robbery is especially common in Minneapolis, with 459 reported incidents per 100,000 residents – the 10th highest robbery rate in the nation.

While the website says that poor economic conditions can often be seen in cities with high crime rates, Minneapolis has an unemployment rate (3.3 percent) that is well below the national average (5.3 percent).

What the website doesn’t address, however, is that the city has struggled with stark racial disparities, with people of color, particularly blacks, making less money, having lower home ownership rates and higher unemployment rates.

24/7 Wall St.’s top five most dangerous cities were:

1. St. Louis, Missouri (1,817 violent crimes per 100,000 residents)
2. Detroit, Michigan (1,759)
3. Birmingham, Alabama (1,746)
4. Memphis, Tennessee (1,740)
5. Milwaukee, Wisconsin (1,596)

Meanwhile, the website also ranked the safest cities with at least 100,000 residents in the U.S. None are in Minnesota. The top 5 safest cities were:

1. Cary, North Carolina (50 violent crimes per 100,000 residents)
2. Irvine, California (55)
3. Murrieta, California (63)
4. Gilbert, Arizona (71)
5. Naperville, Illinois (87)

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  1. bulldog says:

    I hope that before the usual crowd shows up here to lay blame they take time to read the whole story, honestly make an effort to understand why Minneapolis made this list. This is too complicated an issue to blame on one group, organization, or political party.

    I know I’m just kidding myself to think the usual bunch that shows up here might put a little thought into this before commenting, but one can hope.

    1. leftofright says:

      oh wise and knowledgable bull dog, please share with us the reasons why this cannot be blamed on the one political party that has run this stage for over 50 years. Please share with us your massive Cranium full of knowledge and reasoning for why such a conclusion would be so poor and why you feel the need to call out “the usual crowd” and their lack of ability to read and comprehend as well as your obvious superior abilities….

      1. bulldog says:

        I honestly don’t think I could explain this to you, not that I can’t explain it, I don’t think I could break it down into a simple enough narrative here for you to understand.

        Do yourself a favor, if you know how to use Google, look into just the last 60 years of government policy, locally and federally concerning the economy, tax and development policy, examine education policy, and housing and urban development policies as well. If you were actually interested in understanding this issue, this would be a good start, but since I know you don’t really want to understand, you can ignore my advice and continue to make long drawn out uninformed and sarcastic comments, hoping to convince yourself and your lazy cohorts here that you’re smart enough to discuss an issue this big.

        I never said any of you “lack the ability” to read and understand, I just don’t think you would make the the effort to.

        Or, follow my advice, then come back and we’ll talk more.

        1. Norge says:

          Let me simplify it for everyone: Bulldog, you are a moron. Worse, you’ve allowed yourself to become a tool of the your liberal masters and their equivocating whining. (Just change your name to Renfroe.) Do yourself a favor and just slither on out of the discussion and please, stop posting while stupid.

        2. Bulldog, you started off by preemptively calling out/prejudging the “usual crowd” for not understanding an issue, and your answer to the “usual crowd” is to Google the history of six decades of a slew of policy topics in the state of Minnesota.

          I don’t think I’m the only one who is not moved by such a manner of argument.

          1. bulldog says:

            Honestly dealing with crime in our cities is a complicated issue that requires an understanding of the root causes for much of it, am I wrong to hope that people who want to discuss it would take the time to educate themselves?

            I realize that I may ask for more than some people are willing to commit to a topic, but rather than just a place to dump a comment or two, I tend to look at these threads as an opportunity discuss issues and that is why I hope for informed input from others, whether we will agree or not. That’s just the way I am.

            By the way, I wasn’t asking people to consider decades of related information just from Minnesota, this topic needs analysis of factors involved in policy at the city, state and federal levels. I have no control over whether that moves you or not.

            1. Jake says:

              It is simple enough. The DFL IS to blame for what is going on in the state of Minnesota. While I spent over half of my life growing up and living in Minnesota and being a democrat while living there, I know what the DFL has done to that state. After I moved out of Minnesota, I then noticed how bad it was. In 2007 I was willing to vote for Hillary Clinton, in 2008 I learned how bad the liberal party (aka democratic party) really was and how harmful it was. Then Dayton became governor and he opened a whole new level of stupid on the state of Minnesota. At one time you knew not to go North of Lake Street in Minneapolis…. It was the wrong neighborhoods…. Well now the liberals have almost ruined the state! The infrastructure of that state is horrible.

              So it is not hard to explain the problems of Minnesota and it is three little letters. DFL.

              1. bulldog says:

                “It is simple enough. The DFL IS to blame for what is going on in the state of Minnesota.”

                While that statement has some merit, and I will agree that Democrats are as much to blame as anyone, the issue of crime in our nation’s cities is extremely complicated and taking that simple point of view renders your comment meaningless.

                “At one time you knew not to go North of Lake Street in Minneapolis….”. Really? I don’t think I’ve been south of Lake Street in at least 15 years.

                I’d be interested in where in Minnesota you lived and where you moved to when you left.

  2. African population gets you African-like levels of crime.

  3. Dae'Quan Deleterious Washington says:

    Directly proportional to the black populations of these cities.

  4. ***** says:

    who will take the time to list all the reasons why? i don’t have the time…

  5. Concerned about this says:

    Good job Democrats… yet another city you have ruined! Thank you!!

  6. Walked the mile says:

    Institute Zero Tolerance for enforcement. May not (is not) popular with the politicians.

  7. NonLib says:

    But Betsy BooBoo says this false and Gov Whacky agrees. We so safe and full of kindness, hugs and kisses in the Village of Love and No Shame No Matter What You Do. That’s NSNMWYD for all you uneducated ones out there.
    Safe Safe Safe _____ “’cause they tell you so” !!
    Remember that next time you get stabbed, robbed, beaten, shot. IT’s all that DFL Safeness

  8. umit honderst says:

    typical of a city run by democrats for decades…….

  9. Norge says:

    Typical of a liberal run city where, if the crooks don’t get you, the police will kill you for having a conceal carry permit. Of course, when their tyrannical socialism isn’t working their solution is, of course, more socialism! The genius of the looney-tune left just keeps getting more and more entertaining. Go Betsy!! But, Minneapolis deserves what they vote for….sadly, they also want us ‘out-staters’ to pay for their folly. And of course, Gov. Mushroom agrees.

    1. bulldog says:

      To address both of your comments, you say,

      “Minneapolis deserves what they vote for….sadly, they also want us ‘out-staters’ to pay for their folly “.

      Actually you out state folks don’t even pay enough to cover the cost of your own responsibilities, tax revenue tends to flow out of the metro to the rural counties.


      Since you don’t even understand how that works, I doubt whether you have anything to offer to a very complicated discussion on crime in cities like Minneapolis, especially considering the fact that generations of local, state and federal government policy must be considered.

      You can always just call me names, you seem to like to call people names, right?

      1. Tony Clifton says:

        If we live in the boundary lines of Minnesota, it is pathetic to call one an ‘Out State.’ That totally wrong description should have disappeared when the person that incorrectly used it, left. It is just another idiocy, of today’s culture.

        1. bulldog says:

          I agree with you, I raised my kids outside of the metro and now they’re raising my grandkids out there too, I have never looked at the state or the people as separate entities, we are Minnesotans.

          I only used the term in response to the other commenter, because he looks at issues from that point of view.

          This was also part of a larger discussion Norge and I seem to having tonight about how government works, but again, I agree with you on this.

  10. S Strand says:

    Isn’t it great!!!!!!! ??? We are only number twenty five, in a third world cesspool, of murder. It can get much worse, and most likely it will if people without a clue, continue to run the City, and State.

  11. Must be 60 years worth of Minnesota nice still holding the blacks down.

  12. lurkline says:

    Ummmmm? “What the website doesn’t address, however, is that the city has struggled with stark racial disparities, with people of color, particularly blacks, making less money, having lower home ownership rates and higher unemployment rates.”

    WHAT????????????????? Is that your excuse?? lol wow.

    1. Mark says:

      If I didn’t know better I would say the liberal media is blaming the unsafeness of our city on black people. That would be racist if I said it.