MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Catering to the needs of 24 of the world’s best golfers is a tall task.

Chandler Whittington is the head golf professional at Chaska’s Hazeltine National. His job is overseeing practice facilities, locker rooms and making sure Ryder Cup players are well taken care of.

“We’re really just trying to cater to both teams, whatever they need on a service level, there’s nothing that they ask for that we try to say no to,” Whittington said.

He says both teams are pretty much the same with what they require in terms of practicing and equipment. The area where they are different is when it comes to food and beverage.

“We’re talking about 24 of the world’s best players, so they all got unique taste, especially the Europeans,” Whittington said. “I’ve heard some stories from just the food and beverage side of things as far as certain wines and liquors that are requested.”

Whittington says it is their opportunity to try and make them feel at home.