MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A corn maze in Hastings is used to drawing crowds this time of year, but this season the owners of Afton Apple Orchard decided to turn the 15–acre maze into a tribute to law enforcement.

It says “Thank your local heroes.”

Usually, the corn maze features a farm theme, but the owners said they felt compelled to show their gratitude this year.

Each year, tens of thousands of people wander through Afton Apple Orchard and its vast corn maze. Sarah Parkos’ family runs the orchard and started the corn maze 16 years ago.

“We are just so supportive of the local heroes that are on the front lines for us,” Parkos said “They’re willing to help us and spend their whole lives and career waiting to help people.”

Parkos said her family came up with the idea and the design last winter with plans to help their local law enforcement agenices.

“We reached out to Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Hastings, Woodbury and Cottage Grove,” Parkos said.

Thousands of visitors will be giving $3 dollars each to local departments from $9 admission tickets.

“This is the least we can do is dedicate our theme to them,” Parkos said.

The apple orchard and corn maze is open through Halloween. Members of law enforcement are visiting the next few weekends to meet people and show some of their equipment.

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  1. THE SCOUT! says:

    Good..the cops are the victims of Haters

  2. Dan Mack says:

    I just hope they have crop insurance in case bullfrog and the blm show up with their usual agenda.