MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Striking nurses in the Twin Cities are standing together after losing their benefits through Allina Health.

Nurses and supporters gathered outside some Metro-area hospitals Saturday for “Red October” events.

There were hot dish and dessert bar cook-offs, costume contests and pumpkin giveaways.

The Minnesota Nurses Association says nurses have received “threatening reminders” from Allina about losing company health insurance benefits in October.

They say Saturday’s events show they’re not afraid.

“They’re determined right now. There’s ups and downs but they’re out here supporting their patients right now,” Abbott Northwestern nurse Angela Becchetti said.

After nearly a month of striking, nurses will vote on the latest contract offer from Allina Health on Monday.

The main sticking point has been health insurance.

Under this proposal, nurses won’t keep the insurance plan they had, but there are incentives and bonuses to enroll in the company core plan.

The nurses say they will continue to walk the picket line until the vote.

Comments (2)
  1. Allina is one super ass bully with regard only for profit. I need to change clinic!

    1. Dan Mack says:

      Allen: Here in the Socialist Village we have pretty much stamped out capitalism through the help of Education Minnesota indoctrinating our children with the true virtues of entitlement mentality. These nurses who lobbied for Obamacare are special, and entitled to exemption from paying their share of it’s costs. We in the Village know they deserve a free ride and offer our full support, even though Alina is a non-profit institution serving the public, they deserve to be crushed for not offering enough free stuff to one special extra privileged segment of their employees.