MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — Thousands of nurses at five Allina Health hospitals in Minnesota have rejected the company’s latest proposal, pushing their strike into its fifth week.

The results were announced Monday night following an all-day voting session.

In a statement, Allina Health says it’s disappointed in the outcome. The company says the proposal was “eminently fair” and addressed many of the issues the union raised during negotiations.

Minnesota Nurses Association officials did not direct its 4,800 members on how to vote Monday, as it had in two previous votes over the summer. The strike began on Labor Day.

The hospitals affected by the strike are Abbott Northwestern and Phillips Eye Institute in Minneapolis, United in St. Paul, Mercy in Coon Rapids and Unity in Fridley.

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Comments (7)
  1. peterwpclmi says:

    Why are there three quotes from Allina an none from the Nurses? Why hasn’t any journalist looked at the proposals to see the real reduction in compensation that Allina is pushing instead of just taking sound bites from Allina? Why no mention of staffing and unsafe practices that affect patients?

    1. Dan Mack says:

      The only issue is their demand for special exemption from paying their share of the Obamacare the nurses lobbied for, and now is law. They are special and deserve a free ride on the backs of the other workers.

    2. jmalone says:

      Because Allina has agreed to those points. Let’s be clear, staffing in the Twin Cities is far exceeds that in other parts of the country. These nurses are, unfortunately, quite ignorant and, despite being in the healthcare field, are completely unaware that insurance plans and rates have changed for everyone over the last 20 years…everyone except them, apparently. But, they’re so special and entitled that these changes in health insurance shouldn’t affect them, right?

      The ignorance of some of these people is unreal. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more nurses cross this week.

  2. THE SCOUT! says:

    Greedy they make 80K a year….do not care about the ill people

  3. charlene s says:

    DUMB…News alert !!!! ALL of our health insurance has gone sky high..special are we ? wake up

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