MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — An ethics complaint against a Minneapolis City Council member concerning controversial tweets posted during a Black Lives Matter rally has been dismissed.

DFL City Council Member Alondra Cano took part in a Black Lives Matter demonstration around Christmas last year at the Mall of America. During that protest, she posted screenshots of complaints she received from the public about her participation in the rally to her more than 2,000 Twitter followers, including the names, addresses and phone numbers of her critics.

She later deleted those posts, but defended herself — saying those comments were sent via the city council website, which archives and makes public any comments posted, along with the contact information of the posters.

In the passage of a resolution Friday, the City Council agreed, dismissing the ethics complaint filed against Cano, but acknowledging that her actions violated “the ethical aspirations” of the rules.

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    1. Jeff says:

      it might just happen November 8th.

  4. Jeff says:

    do the apologists for Cano understand this wasn’t about the tweets, It was about the personal information of her consitituents that was required to contact her was copy/pasted on her tweets. Thus putting at risk her constituents that happened to disagree with her.

  5. Mike Coxin says:

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