MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) –– Medal of Honor recipients wrapped up their week-long convention Saturday night with an awards reception and gala.

The awards are given to encourage the values of courage, commitment and selfless service.

One person honored was actor John Krasinski, best known for his TV role in “The Office.”

He was awarded for his positive portrayal of the U.S. military in the movie “13 Hours.”

“To say I’m honored is the greatest understatement of the year. These are people who can inspire change by just how they, not only how they have lived but how they live and what they’re dedicated to, so I think this is truly one of the most proud I’ve been,” Krasinski said.

“I personally thought that my generation and the generation below me have started to fade on understanding why we should be saying thank you every day. So I thought maybe if I did a movie that showed, not only me, but everybody else what it takes to be a man or woman that serves, these are the things that can bring awareness even in a little bit of a way.”

This is the first time that Minnesota has ever hosted the Medal of Honor Convention.

Fewer than 3,500 Americans have earned the Medal of Honor. Seventy-two of them are from Minnesota.

  1. Jennifer says:

    The movie “13 Hours” is the story of how Hillary Clinton lied through her teeth about the attack being a demonstration.

    It clearly was no demonstration.