MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Democrats in Minnesota say it’s too late for Republican leaders in the state to distance themselves from Donald Trump, the GOP presidential nominee who was recorded making extremely lewd comments about women.

Ken Martin, the Minnesota DFL party chair, said in a statement Sunday that Republicans in the state, such as Jason Lewis and Stewart Mills, enabled Trump’s “hateful, bigoted, misogynistic comments” as his campaign gained steam this year.

“After months of condoning, embracing, enabling and standing by Donald Trump’s outrageous behavior, Republicans like Erik Paulsen, Jason Lewis, and Stewart Mills act surprised as if this is the first time they were confronted with his completely unacceptable behavior,” Martin said.

On Friday, video was released of Trump making sexually-offensive comments about women during a taping of a segment for the entertainment news show “Access Hollywood” in 2005.

In the wake of the video, Paulsen (who never endorsed Trump) said he wouldn’t be voting for the businessman, and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty and House Speaker Kurt Daudt called for their party’s nominee to abandon his presidential campaign.

“Donald Trump’s behavior and comments toward women are unacceptable, and disqualifying for someone who hopes to serve as Commander In Chief,” Daudt said in a statement.

In ads, Democrats have been attacking Republicans such as Paulsen, Lewis and Mills by tying them to Trump.

The controversial video drop comes as the Republican nominee looks to face Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton on Sunday night in the second presidential debate.

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  1. TRUMP 2016! says:

    Trump is gonna push that fuking c unt KIlary aside like the bit ch she is!

    1. Mike Coxin says:

      Right you are my little tweezer. Are you and Dan coming over tonight? Bring Vaseline, lots of it. You should see my new collection of panties.

      1. TRUMP 2016! says:

        Nope! Again you will have to head over to the local demohatic headquarters for your gay action.

  2. Thomas Evenstad says:

    Trump should not quit. He represents the GOP most honestly. He says and does what his supporters want him to do. He won’t be swayed by political correctness. Women shouldn’t be allowed to vote anyway. They should just be of service to men. As a submissive gay male I have no use for women except for their abuse. The GOP leaders denouncing Trump are liars and jerks. Rudy is one of the few smart enough to see through all this. Vote for Trump. Just think of what he can do for America. Mike Coxin, I am looking for you. Are we on for tonight? Bring Vaseline! He, he, he.

    1. TRUMP 2016! says:

      Oh you must be confused after the gay parade in liberal utopia!

      You have to head over to the local demohactic campaign headquarters for your nightly di ckhfest!

    2. Thomas, you must be confused as gay men don’t look at women as the enemy. You fall into the misogynistic Qu Eer, category.

      1. Chauncey Smith says:

        Forgive me, I have many gay thoughts and I have to head over to the local gay park/demohactic headquarters for my nightly action!

  3. TRUMP 2016! says:

    Liberal, really the only word that truly description epic failure

  4. Rob says:

    “Mr. Trump may have said some bad words, but Bill Clinton r-ped me and Hillary Clinton threatened me,” Broaddrick said. “I don’t think there’s any comparison.”

    1. Trump 2016 says:

      There are tapes of what trumpster said. Do you have any proof of these 40 year old claims of this gold digger? I didn’t think so.

  5. Concerned about this says:

    If she wins, since this is all one big scam, I hope someone removes her from this earth. She deserves it more than anyone…. sad to say but it is true. She is pure evil and does not care about anything except lining her pockets and having all the power.