MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A North St. Paul man has been arrested after a bullet he allegedly intended to take out a zombie ended up nearly striking a man asleep in his home.

According to the criminal complaint, the incident happened near the intersection of Memory Lane and Cowern Place East. Police who were summoned there at about 5 a.m. Saturday were told by the resident he was awakened by a gunshot and the sound of glass breaking in his room.

Investigators determined the bullet had entered through a window, ricocheted near the head of the man’s bed, and struck a second wall.

Just outside the residence, police noted 24-year-old Ryan Mathew Stanislaw walking with an AR-15 rifle slung over his neck.

“I’m out here making sure my neighborhood is safe,” he told officers, allegedly smelling of alcohol. “I didn’t see the cops, so I figured I’d do something.”

Stanislaw told police that he was shooting at “a zombie” up the road.

His rifle was taken; it had green-tipped Hornady .223-caliber bullets, which are marketed as zombie-killing bullets: “Each round is loaded with a special, neon green, polymer-tipped Z-Max bullet that delivers devastating expansion and was specifically designed for zombie elimination. You never know when the impending zombie apocalypse will begin, so make sure you’re prepared with extra magazines and bugout bags stuffed full of this effective zombie specific ammunition.”

The complaint says that Stanislaw’s mother claimed he had no history of mental illness. He had been convicted of making terroristic threats in Ramsey County last month.

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  1. Zombie Defense says:

    Another Trump supporter.

    1. Randall C says:

      dumb statement. but hey by your logic then that means all the urban dwellers running around with illegal handguns shooting each other are hillary supporters right?

      1. Adam says:

        Fuuunnn! Say something else racist!

        1. Tyrone Michaels says:

          What, are you telling me generalizing a group of people based on the actions of someone not even directly associated with them is somehow wrong? He should have blamed it on a Youtube video, maybe he would have gotten away with it.

    2. Tony Clifton says:

      It is a fact, that Donald Trump never consumes alcohol. So why then, would the usual loser drunk, be a Trump supporter?

      1. Thomas Evenstad says:

        You are right Tony. Trump isn’t a drunk. He is a sexual pervert.

        1. Bill Wilson says:

          I think you misspelled Bill Clinton.

    3. Sean says:

      Murrica. Can’t wait till next month when guys like him are probably offing themselves when their god trump loses.

      1. bulldog says:

        They’ll be hiding in their basements waiting for Hillary to come and take their guns, like Obama did…. 🙂 🙃 Maybe we’ll get lucky and they’ll stay in the basement this time.

        Hey, a guy can dream.

    4. Rob says:

      What is it like being a giant anal orifice?

      Only the ignorant and mentally ill can support Hillary.

  2. bulldog says:

    It’s a good thing we have responsible gun owners like this to protect us from the inevitable zombie apocalypse and there’s more and more of them every day.

    Are we all feeling safer yet?!? Sheesh!

  3. dimofepuji says:

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  4. Barry Burton says:

    It’s a weapon! It’s reeeally powerful.. especially against living things. Better take it with you. ..I have this!

  5. Carl says:

    Guy sounds like a he might be schizophrenic. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  6. DG says:

    Another upstanding member of the “well regulated militia.”

  7. anon says:

    Tried burying the zombie meme. It reanimated and came after us.

  8. Dave Jones says:

    The comments from the rampant hoplophogics is alarming.

    1. bulldog says:

      I don’t think it’s the guns people fear, it’s the idiots that own them.

  9. Ronald Reagan is #1 says:

    Hopefully soon we’ll finally get a politician with the courage to say, “Yes, I’m coming to take away your guns.”

    1. Ronald Reagan is #1 says:

      I don’t care if you are a responsible gun owner. Take the guns out of everyone’s hands now and eventually this won’t happen anymore.

  10. Kim Connell says:

    Good Grief Charlie Brown……………. “facepalm”