MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Hiring for the holiday season is in full swing at retailers across the state.

Target, Amazon and Kohl’s held job fairs on Friday in efforts to fill more than 5,000 seasonal jobs in Minnesota between those three companies.

The state reports Minnesota retail, transportation and warehousing industry jobs all grew around 3 percent last year during the holiday season, with similar growth expected this year.

Kohl’s customer Amber Baker said seasonal work helped support her through high school and college.

“It’s very helpful. It puts a little extra money in your pocket so it’s helpful,” Baker said.

But some companies are hiring less seasonal employees inside stores this year in favor of targeting customers more focused on shopping online.

Breaking from the trend, Amazon decided to hire 20 percent more seasonal employees this year.

While many seasonal jobs do not lead to full-time work, Amazon has pledged to create more full-time jobs this year from holiday workers than the 14,000 created last year.

People looking for work can always apply online, but there are more in-store job fairs coming up.

In stores, people can sometimes land on-the-spot interviews and even job offers.

  1. Dan Mack says:

    That is great news. The Welfare Village Ministry of Labor Statistics depends heavily on part time and temporary workers in low pay positions to flesh out our glowing prosperity reports. The more jobs we can destroy in mining, manufacturing and self employed agriculture the better: It has a multiplier effect on the economy to have those who had those stable well paid jobs move on and instead take two or three low pay service jobs.