MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Edina Mayor Jim Hovland says “established protocol” was followed in the arrest of a black man that went viral last week, but that the city will be reviewing the protocol.

The video, which was posted on YouTube last Wednesday, appears to show a plain clothes Edina police officer grabbing an agitated man who the officer says was “walking down the middle of the street.”

The woman repeatedly tries to appeal to the officer as the man becomes more and more upset. The man is shown removing his coat, shirts and backpack in an attempt to get away from the officer’s grasp.

The video sparked controversy, with Twin Cities rapper and activist Toki Wright and former Minneapolis NAACP President Nekima Levy-Pounds publicly condemning the arrest on social media.

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On Monday, Hovland released this statement, saying in part that the protocol will be reviewed and that the citation in the incident will be dismissed:

Just before noon Oct. 12, an Edina Police Officer observed and stopped Larnie Thomas, who was walking in the lane of traffic on a busy city street. Thomas was detained at the scene. People across the country are expressing concern about how he was treated by the Edina Police.

Thomas was not taken to jail. He was driven to a local shopping mall at his request and released. The citation issued to Thomas will be dismissed.

The officer involved was following established protocol. However, under the circumstances, the City will review that protocol and determine how to better approach this type of incident with greater sensitivity in the future.

We will work with the Edina community and invite other organizations to participate in this very important conversation. There are lessons we should and will learn from this experience.

City officials said Monday they will ask the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension for an independent and formal investigation of the incident.

City officials also said that the officer involved in the incident, identified as Lt. Tim Olson, will remain on the job. Officials said all officers involved in the incident followed the department’s established procedures, and the incident ended safely.

Comments (35)
  1. Cindy Bergevin says:

    What about the fear that the officer caused? What about the negative stereotyping that the officer promoted?

    1. Edina Liberals Lie! says:

      Drama queen!

    2. Mark Crayton says:

      Are you the DFL female who taped the incident and harassed the officer?

    3. Cindy Bergevin is a brain dead guilt filled white liberal. says:

      Cindy, you must be a guilt filled white liberal!

      Do you wake up in the morning and are offended if you have nothing to be offended by?

    4. Dave Seavy says:

      You forgot “The sky is falling the sky is falling.” Or are you some therapist trying to drum up some business?

    5. Dan Mack says:

      The good part of all this blm race baiting here in the Socialist Welfare Village is that black stops are down 50% and violent black crime is up 27%. We are moving in the right direction , just not fast enough. We need more police N0-go zones where spiting and lurking are encouraged. The public is not in danger.

    1. Never trust garbage on breitbart.com

      1. Dan Mack says:

        Or … you could read it straight off Hillary’s bathroom server Emails:

  2. Momof5 says:

    The cop did this so the guys would not get hit by a vehicle so next time let him walk out in front of cars and see what happens. This is so wrong that we don’t punish people for being stupid because we are now afraid of what “they” will do (protest) Sure hope he isn’t out in the street when I’m driving down the street because I have faulty brakes and who knows what could happen

    1. Dave Seavy says:

      From the sounds of your post, you shouldn’t even be driving. Apparently you seem to think it’s okay to run over someone. You’re far more dangerous than what your screen name would imply.

      1. Edina Liberals Lie! says:

        How long have you been clincally brain dead?

      2. Tony Clifton says:

        You’re usually sharp as a tack, Dave. That comment could be construed as showing how stupid the world is today, and was a joke.

  3. Mark Crayton says:

    Translation: Blacks are different from the rest of the population. They don’t understand plain English and obeying the law is foreign to them. They resent having boundaries set for them since they had no fathers when they were growing up. In this they are handicapped and have a lifelong excuse for their behavior. Behaving in a civil manner is not part of their culture. In addition, they have political clout that law-abiding whites, Asians, and Native Americans don’t have since they are represented by taxpayer subsidized black “community” organizations.

    1. Bran8181 says:

      You have described this man but to say generalize it to the full black population is just simply racist and racist comments are not constructive at all.

      You do have a point that multiple young men don’t know how to interact with authority in a civil matter and it causes situations that could have been calm to be hugely escalated, as they were in this video; which is a huge problem. Fix the problems these young folks have with authority and 95% of the situations that have happened recently would have never even happened.

    2. Wilson says:

      The sidewalk was closed and NO signs were posted to this. There were no detour signs instructing where pedestrians where to walk. He walked out around the two work vehicles parked on the street. This is when the officer approached him. He wasn’t just walking out in the street.

  4. Kally Waters says:

    New Edina slogan “If your not white, out by night”.

  5. Bran8181 says:

    I have to say, this is the exact way you DON’T act when being arrested regardless of what you are being arrested for.

    I am impressed with the restraint shown by the officer because with a man flailing his arms, yelling directly in my face, and hitting my car with his bag, I sure as heck would not be able to show this much restraint.

    The video is incomplete obviously and the lady shooting the video is quite an idiot.

    1. Concerned about this says:

      A-FN-Men! You nailed it perfectly.

  6. Joy says:

    We have spent trillions of dollars since the 1960s trying help black youth. A social worker and a government check are no substitute for a father and a mother. This behavior is blamed on police, not enough welfare unemployment, and slavery. Levy-Pounds is a disgrace to her race. How about growing up and take responsibility.
    Woman recording this disobedience needs to house the man for a week and than report back.

  7. Merlene says:

    Why is it that these videos so often leave out the parts where a person could tell what really happened?

    If the guy was minding his own business just walking down the street, yes, the treatment was terrible.

    If the guy was doing the ghetto walk down the middle of the street, he’s lucky he got off so lightly. The cop gave him a break.

    The fact the video starts after whatever event took place makes me suspicious.

  8. The sea of white privilege sweeping over this story is enough to make a thinking individual puke. Protocol needs a “review” is a vast understatement. Most of the Pro police comments here serve to indicate a vast amount of mental illness in the commentors.

  9. Randall C says:

    what greater sensitivity? he was breaking the law and the officer was trying to get him off the street for his own safety. dude had an epic hissy fit because he didn’t like being hassled.he needs to grow up.

  10. Concerned about this says:

    You know if this black man…. whether this arrest was just or unjust, would have been respectful, he probably would have walked away. This is a product of the culture… If my kids ever talked to me, a teacher, or a LEO this way I would be ashamed and it would not be tolerated. Get you g o d d a m n chip off your shoulder.

  11. Trump 2016 says:

    I love how the “””THUG””” was running his mouth. Typical black thug that didn’t belong in Edina. Time to put up gated communities to keep the thugs and brain dead liberals out!

    1. Mark Crayton says:

      And you’re likely an anti-Trump DFL troll.

      1. Trump 2016 says:

        You couldn’t pay me to vote for the brain dead democrats. After reading stories and posts by the hypocrites other wise know as the democratc party, it quite obvious many liberals were cheated or absent when brains were handed out.

  12. Wilson says:

    The sidewalk was closed due to construction. No signs were posted for an alternative place to walk. He was out in the street walking past the two work trucks parked on the road. he was not just walking out in the street. What if he went the other way and walked up on the yards to pass the construction? I’m sure he would have been arrested for trespassing. His attitude was out of line as was the officer for not understanding why he was out in the street in the first place.
    If I was a liberal I think a lawsuit against the city for blocking a public sidewalk without a detour route posted or a safe area to pass during construction.

  13. Dee says:

    That cop new he qas ahit as soon as she told him she witnesses the whole incident and asked for his name, that is why he backe
    d off, trust me, she would not of been there, he would of been sporting a good beating…

    1. Mark Crayton says:

      Do you still have your diploma from the first grade?

  14. Culture problem, not a race problem says:

    “The sidewalk was closed due to construction. No signs were posted for an alternative place to walk. ” ???
    Really? When a sidewalk is closed, we now need signs directing where people should walk? Common sense, which seems to be in short supply, says you walk next to the curb along side the road.
    I find it highly suspect that this individual was walking there. If he was, this story would have never happened.
    As far as trying to turn this into a race issue, stop. You’re an idiot for even attempting that. There is far from a race problem in this country when it comes to black men. It’s a culture issue. If you walk around, acting like a thug, looking like a thug, speaking Ebonics, no job, etc., I’m sorry to say that you’re going to get treated poorly. Race doesn’t matter in that respect, the Asian, Hispanic, white, black or native American this all get treated the same way when they choose to act like that. Woot acting like that and your problems disappear.

  15. My name whats yours says:

    Established safety protocols avoid liability for public works contractors and civil service employees when working on public right of ways. This bit from this Edina Mayor Jim Hovland saying Lt. T.F. Olson followed established protocols is laugh out loud pathetic. Recognizing the risk to the safety of the public means don’t create the hazard. Jim Hovland isn’t much of a lawyer if he can’t recognize the cities negligence.
    The guy was trying to get past an area that lacked the common sense safety precautions and supervision that limits liability for the contractor and city. It was a construction sit that was completely mismanaged which apparently in Edina MN is the standard method of operation. The guy could have walked through the construction site that was unprotected, fallen and sued the contractor and city. That’s a lawsuit that wins every day many times over. Everyday!!!
    Now the Mayor has the collateral issue of ignorance saying the police followed protocols in the situation. Golden rule for responder, Access the scene and make it safe. The established protocol in Edina MN is to ignore scene safety and get in a conflict with the victim of the cities negligence.
    The Edina Mayor, police department, and public works management are embarrassing themselves.
    Get into a conflict without recognizing the greater risk to the safety of the public and let the hazard remain, that’s a cop looking for a reason to have a problem.

  16. J says:

    Based on most of the comments, Edina, Minnesota seems to be a burg full of racist, right-wingers with a chip on their shoulders. Steer clear of it.