MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Donald Trump this week is repeatedly warning supporters the election may be “stolen” from him.

And one of the fraud examples his supporters are using: Minnesota. Trump surrogates say Minnesota Democratic Senator Al Franken may have been elected with illegal votes.

“In 2008, Al Franken won by 312 votes, giving the Senate Democrats a veto proof majority in the Senate,” said Amy Kremer, co-chair of Women Vote Trump, on CNN. “And come to find out: 1,099 felons voted in that election.  And since that time, 177 people have been convicted!”

There’s no evidence to support what Kremer says, and she repeated it later on the broadcast.

“Al Franken in Minnesota. One hundred seventy seven people have been convicted of voter fraud,” she said.

The numbers are not accurate.

They appear to be from a pair of studies by the conservative group “Minnesota Majority,” which reported that 451 convicted felons voted in the Franken election. But it used names of voters with no proof of convictions, felons who registered but did not vote and some who had their voting rights restored.

An investigation by the Minnesota County Attorneys Association found no evidence of widespread voter fraud in the Franken race. Al Franken won the Minnesota Senate race by 312 votes, after a six-month recount and a court battle that went all the way up to the Supreme Court.

At no point was there a finding of election fraud.

The Minnesota County Attorney’s Association reports that 2,921,498 Minnesotans voted in 2008. Only 26 voters were convicted of felon registration or voting illegally. That’s nine-ten thousandth of one per cent, or 0.0089 percent of voters.

Here are some of the sources we used for this Reality Check:

Minnesota Majority Felony Conviction Report

Minnesota Majority:  The Case for Investigation and Reform

Minnesota County Attorneys Report: Facts About Ineligible Voting and Voter Fraud

“The Truth About Voter Fraud”


Comments (21)
  1. Greg Laden says:

    Nice job on the Reality Check. But I’m not sure it is really even possible to check Trump’s “reality.”

  2. Jim Egge says:

    You need to see the new video on Sean Hannity and Twitter. It shows people who actively recruited illegal voters and took them to polls for up to 50 years.
    But Trump is also talking about the total lack of media coverage of anything damaging to Clinton.

    1. Thomas Evenstad says:

      Hey chet face, you aren’t really trying to sell hannity as being truthful about anything, are you? ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha

  3. leftofright says:

    if trump was winning, would you still run this “story?”

  4. Dan Mack says:

    According to the repugs everything is rigged. By their very nature they don’t believe in the truth and believe in the unbelievable. They are paranoid to the Nth degree. It is an excuse they use all the time because they are a dying breed. Want proof? Only once since 1988 has a repug presidential candidate won the popular vote. And that was during the middle of a war. Want to really sadden a repug? Tell them the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus are fake!

  5. TruthWins says:

    my understanding.mn voter alliance has been try into get our SOS Steve Simon to put known ineligibles on the bared list of voters…..felons and non citizens


  6. TruthWins says:

    Mr Kessler-i am looking forward to your Reality Chech on the reality of the videos above on voter fraud….ITS REAL!!!

    1. TruthWins says:

      heres a contact person for the interview…Andrew E. Cilek

      Executive Director of MN Voters Alliance MNVoters.org

  7. Rob says:

    Of course elections are rigged, Al Franken stole his senate seat.

    During the Franken-Coleman recount, they lowered the acceptance standards for absentee ballots….in liberal precincts only. Extra votes for Franken magically showed up and he stole the election.

    Republicans need to win by landslides to overcome the margin of cheating.

    And if you think the media isn’t completely and utterly biased, you are mentally ill and should seek immediate help.

    1. bulldog says:


      Is it your claim that Pat Kessler is lying? Can you cite anything to support your claim of fraud in the election of Al Franken? Any actual proof?

      1. TruthWins says:

        view videos links pasted above….
        thank you

      2. You are a hapless dupe says:

        How did the extra votes for Franken show up?

        Where did they come from?

        Put your head out dude.

  8. umit honderst says:

    rigged? look no further than the dem primary and how klinton beat bernie…… nough said.

  9. Dems are KINGS of fraud, and America has suffered greatly as a result of their illegal activities during the elections. They laugh. It’s disgusting what they’ve done to this country.

  10. bobd111 says:

    dishonest reporting once again. as of 2012, 243 were convicted or on trial for voter fraud. and the organization produced a list of 1,099. more would have been convicted, except minnesota law states that you had to be ineligible and new that voting was illegal. tough to prove. how can i find the real report from the watchdog group in 60 seconds, but a reporter in minnesota can’t? to ask the question is to answer it.

    1. bulldog says:

      “how can i find the real report from the watchdog group in 60 seconds”, that’s not what you found. You found excerpts from a book written by two very right-wing ideologues as reported by the Washington Examiner, you should consider your sources.

      This has not only been debunked by legal experts and scholars, but it was investigated by the George W. Bush Justice department itself. Even if there were 243 fraudulent votes cast, we don’t know how many were mistakes and that does make a difference and is a different issue altogether, there were 2.9 million votes cast in that election, I don’t think fraud is the problem you would like it to be.


  11. Trump has said often that this election is rigged, and that he’s confident he’ll win. I believe he is admitting, no, he’s bragging that he has rigged the election. He slyly tries to make it sound like someone is rigging the election against him, but he is the one doing the rigging, and he’s proud of his ability to do it while appearing blameless. BTW, I hear that 90% of the FBI likes Trump, so how confident are we that Trump’s fix will be investigated?

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