ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — There was a rare endorsement by President Obama on Wednesday for a Minnesota Congressional candidate.

Third District Democratic Congressional candidate Terri Bonoff released a video Wednesday of President Obama asking voters to support her. It is rare in politics for the president to personally endorse candidates at the Congressional level.

Obama is making an exception for Terri Bonoff.

Bonoff is in a tough race against Second District Republican Congressman Erik Paulsen. Paulsen has denounced his party nominee Donald Trump, and says he won’t vote for him.

And Bonoff is hoping the President’s popularity in the district could give her a boost.

“Some say you can learn a lot about a person by how they have raised their kids. Well, Terri Bonoff’s son is one of my closest aides. And he and his mom are both amazing. Terri’s running for Congress, and we need a lot more people like her in Washington,” Obama said.

Bonoff’s son is the President’s personal assistant, who is with President Obama wherever he goes.

Comments (7)
  1. Concerned about this says:

    This lady annoys the h3ll out of me and seems like a snide puppet of Obama.

  2. Trump 2016 says:

    If stupid had a look this would be it!

    Nice haircut ya liberal freak!

    1. Thomas Evenstad says:

      Hey chet face, have you seen that thing on the top of trumps head? What exactly is it? A pumpkin!

  3. Thomas Evenstad says:

    Good for her. Paulson is Trump II and has used public tax dollars for his campaign. Look at the Minneapolis police people in their taxpayer paid uniforms and cars advocating for this sleaze ball. He is a do nothing obstructionist. He should be replaced.

    1. Rob says:

      Wow, even by liberal standards you are a bag of insanity.

      Why would anyone vote for someone who would expand the disaster known as Obama-Care? Even Dayton said it doesn’t work.

  4. Dan Mack says:

    Nepotism, cronyism and payoffs are standard operating procedure here in the Socialist Welfare Village : But what sets this off as a notable occasion is our Socialist leader publicly rewarding her. Our Socialist Party elites need more of this special treatment to grow the Village fight to eradicate capitalism and private enterprise. We need every vote we can get. Vote for the Socialist Welfare Party early and often. As many times as you wish. No-ID required.

  5. ******* says:

    he endorses cuz its for the win not the talent–i don’t think he is truly aware of her or her abilities or lack of..