By Kate Raddatz

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Saturday marks 27 years since Jacob Wetterling’s abduction, and thousands of runners took steps to honor him.

The inaugural “Running HOME for Jacob 5k” took place at Lake Phalen in St. Pau. HOME stands for Hope For Our Missing and Exploited.

“It’s really important that we remember Jacob and how he was such a really good kid,” 11-year-old Sena Lunning,said.

The event was different than past events held on October 22nd..While the hope Jacob might still be alive is gone, his legacy continues through Patty and Jerry Wetterling and the Jacob Wetterling Resource Center.

“You realize that she gave other people the energy to keep running for Jacob and that’s what this 5k is about today,” Senator Amy Klobuchar said.

Runners prepare at the starting line. (credit: CBS)

Runners prepare at the starting line. (credit: CBS)

The theme of the event was the number 11.It was Jacob’s number and a reminder of 11 traits his family hopes people will live out.

“We feel getting some basic messages out we can build a better safer world and they’re simple,” Patty said. “Be kind, be fair, be honest, and be a good friend.”

The event started with a couple hundred registered to run in Jacob’s honor. More than 2,000 would cross the finish line. Patty says the support is overwhelming.

“It brings me to tears but it’s a statement of how many good people there are in a world,” Patty said. “When good people pull together amazing things happen.”

Kate Raddatz

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  1. Rob says:

    Why are people still wallowing in this?

    Geez, it’s over.

  2. Losing a child is something you never get over, especially if it’s at the hands of someone else and especially if those responsible were never prosecuted (they lied to police)