MASON CITY, Iowa (AP) — A Minnesota woman accused of counterfeiting prescriptions in northern Iowa has been given five years of probation.

Online court records say 27-year-old Jenna Fuhrmann, of Glencoe, Minnesota, was sentenced last week in Mason City. She was given a deferred judgment, which means that if she successfully completes her probation, the conviction will be wiped from her record. A $1,000 civil penalty was suspended.

The records say Fuhrmann pleaded guilty to one count of prohibited acts. Prosecutors dropped two more counts in exchange for Fuhrmann’s plea.

Court documents say Fuhrmann illegally filled 22 counterfeit prescriptions for the stimulant drug Adderall in Mason City from August 2014 through the past April. The documents say the prescriptions used the name of a Minnesota doctor.

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Comments (2)
  1. Why so many liberal lies? says:

    She got this great deal by registering as a democrat and promising to vote D 15 times this election.

    The democratic way

    Keep them poor
    Keep them stupid
    Keep them voting democratic.

  2. Dan Mack says:

    Sadly she did not know that she would have gotten all those prescriptions filled for free here in the Socialist Welfare Village if she was an ill-legal. Anyone who can point to Minnesota on a map is entitled to free healthcare, free housing, EBT cards, interpreters, legal aid and social services. We want to be as inclusive as possible here in the Socialist Welfare Village-, so it does not matter what country you are a citizen of, or even if you are here legally; we do not care. No ID required for that or to vote. So we expect everyone to vote early and as often as you like this fall for Hillary, and all of our Socialist Welfare Village party affiliates.

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