MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A Republican lawmaker is questioning how MNsure staff spends its time a week before open enrollment starts.

The criticism comes after Minnesota’s health insurance marketplace mailed out voter registration information.

In a press conference on Monday, State Rep. Roz Peterson (R-Lakeville) said she sent a letter to MNsure’s CEO and Gov. Mark Dayton asking why voter registration information is coming from MNsure.

Peterson said she’s specifically questioning the cost, the amount of staff time spent on the mailings and why registered voters are receiving the mailings.

Peterson said she isn’t opposed to helping potential voters get the facts they need but feels MNsure has bigger challenges to tackle right now.

The upcoming enrollment period could be one of MNsure’s most challenging — with higher premiums and caps that could limit options for those seeking health insurance.

“From my view, it needs to be all hands on deck,” Peterson said. “MNsure needs to make absolutely sure the website is ready and that Minnesota’s private health insurance information is kept safe and the call center is prepared for massive influx of Minnesotans seeking help.”

We reached out to MNsure, which released this statement:

“All state agencies are statutorily required to provide voter registration services pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, section 201.162. Consumers have the option to request a voter registration card in the Minnesota Eligibility Technology System, or METS, application process and also on paper applications. Only consumers who request a voter registration card will be sent a voter registration card. Requests for a voter registration card are processed by the Health Care Eligibility Operations (HCEO) group within the Department of Human Services and also by counties (for private and public program enrollees). The Department of Human Services has been processing requests for voter registration cards for years, even before the introduction of the METS system.”

DFL House leader Paul Thiessen questioned in a statement why Peterson takes issue with registering voters.

“I’ve never understood why Rep. Roz Peterson and Republicans are so afraid of voters. It is sad that like Donald Trump, Roz Peterson continues to attack the basic foundations of our democracy,” Thiessen said.

As of this Monday morning, there were are still no scheduled plans between the caucus leaders to discuss ways to reduce the cost of insurance premiums.

Comments (8)
  1. umit honderst says:

    not to tough, mnsure = free or other people paid for health ins. dems love free and reduce stuff at working people’s expense. so, they’re making sure all the free loaders get registered (as dems).

  2. Corrupt Democrats says:

    MNSure takes a portion of ALL Minnesota health insurance premiums to fund itself. We all know Dayton installs anyone he wants to run that financially failed boondoggle. How much have we lost on MNsure so far? Close to $223 million down the drain.

  3. Please stop lying says:

    “MNSure takes a portion of ALL Minnesota health insurance premiums to fund itself.”
    That is just not true. Where do you get your wrong information?

    1. Dan Mack says:

      Anyone who can point to Minnesota on a map is entitled to free healthcare, free housing, EBT cards, interpreters, legal aid and social services. We want to be as inclusive as possible here in the Socialist Welfare Village-, so it does not matter what country you are a citizen of, or even if you are here legally; we do not care. No ID required for that or to vote. So we expect everyone to vote early and as often as you like this fall for Hillary, and all of our Socialist Welfare Village party affiliates.

  4. Allen Ruehmann says:

    It is written into law that they do so. Also several other agencies must do that too. If she were aware of the laws she has been part of passing she would not appear so ignorant. God, trying to do some thing political as a singer and end up looking like an ass. Way to shine GOP.
    Why has she not tried to change this law in more than the last two years.

    1. Dan Mack says:

      None of those detractors of the Socialist Welfare Village voted for Minsure Obamacare. None of the Socialist party members knew what was in it. They had to vote it into law to find out what was in it because none of them read it. Dayton just now found out it is affordable. How could he have known? / Those nasty repuglicans read it , voted against it , and have been calling for it’s repeal ever since it;s passage. We can fix it. All it takes is to double the taxes again. We will do it. It is the right thing to do here in the Socialist Welfare Village.

  5. Rob says:

    This stinks to high heaven.

    Vote for change. FYI: Trump supports term limits.

  6. Greg Laden says:

    Why is it, WCCO, that more than the first half of your coverage makes this look like a real story, a story of malfeasance, when it is really a story about a Republican lawmaker who does not understand the law?

    Does this make you feel good? It should not. It should make you feel unprofessional and a bit smarmy.