MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Game 1 of the World Series is Tuesday night at Progressive Field in Cleveland as the Chicago Cubs face the Cleveland Indians.

Here in Minneapolis, Cubs fans seem to dominate when it comes to excitement. WCCO’s Molly Rosenblatt caught up with Chicago’s Taste Authority in south Minneapolis, where they’re expecting a full house for Tuesday night’s game.

Nothing says Chicago and baseball like hot dogs. Chicago’s Taste Authority Manager Kevin Livingston says there’s no better way place to get a one, and no better place to watch the big game than right there.

“It’s the best hot dog I’ve had. I can’t find anything better than it,” Livingston said.

Cubs Fan and Chicago native Paul Hinshaw agrees.

“A Chicago dog, you can’t beat it. Really, it’s good. Plus I love the Cubs,” Hinshaw said.

Livingston says business has been building since the beginning of the playoffs.

“The energy that’s been here since the beginning of the playoffs is phenomenal,” Livingston said.

And no wonder all the excitement. It’s been 71 years since the Cubs have been in the World Series. The last time they won the World Series: 1908.

“I am so excited and crazy happy about the Cubs going to the World Series,” Hinshaw said.

CTA is dedicated to the Cubs. Even the walls feature a brick and vine replica of the 400 centerfield mark at Wrigley Field. Aside from Chicago brewed beer like Goose Island, Livingston says this is the only place around you’ll find “Old Style,” a classic windy city beer.

“It’s gonna be crazy here, it’s gonna be crazy. It’ll be the place to be,” Livingston said.

There are good deals at CTA for Game 1: Buy one get one free on Chicago style hot dogs and all beer is $1 off.

  1. Shermhorn says:

    Old Style, the “classic windy city beer, ” was brewed in LaCrosse, WI, by the The G. Heileman Brewing Company, who promoted it strongly in Chicago.