MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A new report shows that as many as one in 10 people aren’t paying to ride the light rail.

The Metropolitan Council’s study shows that more than twice as many people aren’t paying their light rail fare this year than two years ago. A report from last year showed that freeloading was more common the Green Line than on the Blue Line.

But the new study shows the Blue Line’s evasion rate is now slightly higher than the Green Line. The increase in fare evasions could be in part because of a change in policy by Metro Transit police.

First time offenders are now given a warning instead of a fine.

Comments (13)
  1. Liberal Lies says:

    Liberal, truly the only word that describes epic failure!

  2. Fred says:

    Given that Minneapolis liberals did this study, it is probably closer to 40 – 50%. No problem just raise the gas tax to pay for this PIG.

  3. u student says:

    I’ve ridden on most of the light rail lines blue, north corridor, etc. No one checks if you paid. Been on a hundred plus times. Blacks certainly don’t pay for their tickets. Met Transit designed it so you are not forced to pay. They tried putting in cattle corridors, but that is a joke. Changed nothing. Met Transit claims the average person can save $9,000 a year by riding public transportation. Now I know how. By the way, the light rail cars are empty most the time. Don’t go on them at night, to the mall of america or twins stadium. It’s gang and drug city here. The blacks are nuts and will bother you for money or to have sex if you are a female.

  4. Mike Coxin says:

    The honor system doesn’t work. To many illiterate and criminally inclined republiturds.

    1. leftofright says:

      I thought all the republiturds were driving their Mercedes and BMers in the HOV lane?

      1. Sue says:

        Were you born a snarky little beeyotch?

        Or did you achieve that status later in life?

    2. Liberal Lies says:

      You made is a mistake, you meant to say “”To many illiterate and criminally inclined republiturds.””

  5. Grim_News says:

    This is something Peter McLaughlin needs to own as he is the County railroad pimp. Opat is the stadium pimp but that is another story for another time. As an ex County employee I can’t tell you how many times while sitting on the North plaza during breaks and lunch that I have seen countless people board the train without purchasing tickets. The only people that buy tickets seem to be those with luggage and those in groups of 5 or more. I actually pitched this problem to Fox9 News 3 years ago but the investigation never developed. AND I seem to recall a Star Tribune story only a few months ago that this said that this is not a problem. Quelle surprise!

  6. mike says:

    I was stationed in Germany in a large city ad having no car used mass transit to get around. You bought tickets in advance and got on. If t on at a no transfer point you would get the ticket stamped for one hour. At random times the vehicle would stop, lock the doors and someone would come thru and check tickets. If you didn’t have one you were fined on the spot.

  7. Wayne Kest says:

    I’m sure thy all ‘identify’ as having paid. Freeloaderlivesmatter!

  8. Sue says:

    Ten percent? How can that be?

    There are rarely more than 5 or 6 people in a car.

    What a waste.

  9. Tim says:

    The highly subsidized light rail does not care, only 10%, that is total BS. Now they are still pushing another BILIION dollar free ride to the SW metro. The Met council is a joke.

    1. Sam says:

      What is worse is that now that Minnesota has stopped funding this disaster, Hennepin County decided to pony up ten million dollars to keep the mess alive.

      That is YOUR money they are flushing down the drain.

      Vote those liberal commissioners out of office while you still have some money in your pocket.