ST. PAUL. Minn. (WCCO) – A simmering debate over skyrocketing health care premiums boiled over into anger Wednesday at the state capitol.

Democrats and Republicans are trading insults and accusations over who’s to blame for the sudden, sharp monthly premium hikes.

So far, they’re not any closer to a special session to fix it.

Republican House Speaker Kurt Daudt accused Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton of a “dereliction of duty.”

“He ought to have a command center set up 24/7 with a 1,000 people in trying to solve this problem every minute of the day until he’s got it solved,” Daudt said.

The GOP leader says that if he finds out that people aren’t working on a fix around the clock, he’ll call for Dayton’s resignation.


Some 250,000 Minnesotans will start enrolling for insurance through MNsure Nov. 1, but their choices will be limited — and expensive.

Most are facing steep monthly rate hikes.

“I take it very very seriously, and I deplore it,” Dayton said, at a news conference Wednesday morning.

The governor and Democrats have proposed an emergency fix: It would use $300 million from the state surplus so that no family would spend more than 10 percent of its income on premiums.

But Dayton says he’s waiting for Republicans to make the next move.

“I don’t consider myself to blame for the fact that this process has not moved forward anymore than it has,” Dayton said.

There’s been a flurry of letters and press conferences, but no progress toward a special session.

Daudt says he’s sick of it.

“I’m going to wait by my phone,” he said. “And he damn well better pick up the phone and call me. It’s time to solve the problem.”

A spokesperson for the governor says Dayton is not going to dignify Daudt’s “temper tantrum” with a response.

No matter what’s happening at the capitol, there’s still a lot of people out there who may have trouble with their insurance.

Here’s a couple of things to remember:

First off, while it’s terrible what’s happening to about 250,000 Minnesotans, it doesn’t affect 95 percent of Minnesota consumers.

It’s also important to check in with MNsure. Most of the people who apply will get immediate subsides that could dramatically lower the monthly bill.

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  1. NonLib says:

    Be part of the solution Kurt – we have enough GD problems in politics with the libs

    1. All Democrats Must Resign says:

      RESIGN NOW! Dayton is a colossal failure. He pushed for MNsure when the feds could have paid for it all. We are dumping hundreds of millions into this failed bankrupt state government run health insurance. All of us Republicans told you Democrats to keep your dirty diseased hands off our health insurance. Now none of us can afford health care except the many wealthy liberals in Minnesota who pushed it on us. We offered alternatives and we were totally shut out of the amendment process too! Congressional committee doors locked out Republicans. Remember that Democrats? You own it. Now all of you Democrats need to resign. You bankrupted our health insurance. You bankrupted tens of thousands of Minnesotans who lost their health insurance because deductibles and premiums rise 112% every year. And then you Democrats had the audacity to force anyone living in rural parts of states to pay HIGHER premiums and bigger deductibles. You people are monsters.

      1. “No way that we are not going to see anything other than a train wreck”…huh? The double negatives cancel out, so we would expect to see something other than a train wreck. Does this idiot actually draft laws? I shudder at trying to decipher them.

    2. Rob says:

      It doesn’t make sense to start bailing a sinking ship until the hole is patched.

      Dayton is the hole. He is a great big hole.

      PS: Pay for your own health care you greedy little pig.

  2. 5 per cent is not a full blown crisis, but there is no Daudt he likes theatre.

    1. Liberal Lie says:

      Oh another liberal dolt that thinks… aye… whats the big deal over 5%. You are a complete idiot!

      1. Liberal lie, they now say 2 per cent and still not a problem. May your life be short.

    2. jman says:

      Beginning of September my wife’s healthcare jumped up just shy of $60. Because her healthcare provider “preferred one” jumped out of the individual market.
      I used to have at a previous job before the healthcare law was implemented in 2014
      Premiums of 450 per month with a 5000 max out of pocket.
      but i covered my entire family of 5.
      Thats what she pays for just her and two kids now and im on my own healthcare .otherwise we’re looking upward of 700 per month in premiums and 10,000 max out of pocket.
      if you’re supsidized you should be as concerned when we the payers decide to no longer pay for your healthcare. Id keep that in mind for the future

    3. mike madison says:

      apparently you didn’t ask the 5 percent.

  3. John Carlson says:

    All these idiots should quit playing politics every chance they get and try to fix the problems.

    1. All Democrats Must Resign says:

      You cannot fix something that was designed by the Democrats and designed to intentionally fail. Ask one of the architects, Jonathan Gruber. He told audiences Americans were stupid enough to pull ObamaCare on them.

      Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber , “This bill was written in a tortured way to make sure CBO did not score the mandate as taxes. If CBO scored the mandate as taxes, the bill dies. Okay, so it’s written to do that. In terms of risk rated subsidies, if you had a law which said that healthy people are going to pay in — you made explicit healthy people pay in and sick people get money, it would not have passed… Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage. And basically, call it the stupidity of the American voter or whatever, but basically that was really really critical for the thing to pass… Look, I wish Mark was right that we could make it all transparent, but I’d rather have this law than not.”

      1. Grim_News says:

        Well said ADMR!

  4. Bert carlson says:

    Aca deductables are so high that most purchasers of insurance will not cause the insurance to pay anything towards any costs for the whole year! This is besides the policy being unaffordable.

  5. Bert carlson says:

    The insurance that is available should be called catastrophic coverage. They say you must be under 30 years of age to purchase a catastrophic policy.

  6. And ALL the republicans are running scared for their jobs and by the grace of God will be voted out along with their golden boy Trump

    1. TRUMP 2016 says:

      Another liberidiot!

      You are a disgusting liberal POS!

      Liberals own this mess you dumb effn c unt!

    2. jman says:

      Truly an uninformed headline reader with no ability to critically think. I hope you don’t have to purchase HC for people you love in the future. And have to weigh the benefits of being broke but having coverage.. Cause its the “law”

  7. DLE says:

    No one asked Kurt to resign this summer when he was arrested and charged with assault in Montana:

    1. Don says:

      Kurt was never charged in the incident. Get over it. Dayton led the charge for ACA and now he’s not willing to admit his mistake.

      1. Look at the idiot speaker. says:

        How is putting 1,000 people in a “command center”; (“command center”??? really? a “command center”?), working 24/7, going to solve this situation?

        What an idiot.

        Say Kurt, not to interrupt your babysitting your phone (in YOUR command center I guess), what the h_ll are you thinking? Can we bill you for the employment costs, technology hook-ups, office space, training that would have to go into such a non-sense idea? And what are you going to have those 1,000 people do anyway? Call insurance companies, and ask for who?

        And more importantly, WHAT ARE YOU DOING, beyond looking like a raving loon-a-tic. Have YOU contacted any insurance companies? Formed a committee to go to work on it? Written a bill to correct the issue? Didn’t think so. You’re just grandstanding. It’s usually the chickhawks who yell the loudest and throw a tantrum.

        The real idiocy of it all is that you didn’t support ACA, and it worked really well for four years, UNTIL THE REPUBS SQUEEKED TO MAJORITY; and then you messed it up by not addressing the small issues as they popped up along the way. For those tens of thousands of people who couldn’t get insurance BEFORE ACA, or who had their policies cancelled, or their needed treatments disallowed by the insurance companies, or who were priced out of the market BEFORE ACA, the system worked. Time you look at the insurance carriers who dropped out and took those policies with them. Fess-up to the real facts.

        Dumbest part yet; republicans are suppose to be fiscally conservative….. So what are you really trying to do? Spend a lot of unnecessary and mis-spent money without a plan? That is, besides making a spectacle of yourself and looking like a ranting fool.

        1. jman says:

          Wannabe troll.. you need to learn from the best and since you’re an idiot you’re unworthy of my time. past this sentence and the last 3 or 4..

    2. TRUMP 2016 says:

      You really are a worthless liberal POS! You left ards own this mess! Own up to it. You are going to get your as sses kicked this election!

  8. Look at the idiot speaker. says:

    Hilarious! Grand Standing!! Drunk???

    Here’s the leader of the republicans ranting and raving, demanding that 1,000 people be hired to fix the problem. And this from he who doesn’t want ‘big guberment’ and unnecessary spending. Just — too — funny! All he has to do is agree to a special session; and he knows it. It’s just a matter of funding, and he’s too tight-fisted to do the right thing. He so focused on stopping anything left of center, that he is irresponsible.

    Daudt, go back to selling cars. You’re not going to get re-elected anyway. See Ya’!!

  9. connie gjevre says:

    Dayton needs to resign immediately. He should have never been in office to begin with

  10. jman says:

    Dayton Slipped up and told the truth and Daudt is taking a ribbon wrapped gift and opening it. Get rid of the democrats who caused this. Start from the head idiot all the way down to the lowly mooch who loves that he/she doesn’t have to earn his/her healthcare like everyone else.

  11. Gretchen Smit says:

    “Here’s a couple of things to remember: First off, while it’s terrible what’s happening to about 250,000 Minnesotans, it doesn’t affect 95 percent of Minnesota consumers.”

    So, because it ONLY affects 250,000 Minnesotans, it shouldn’t be a big deal? It’s only just about every small business owner / farmer in the state that doesn’t have other employment with company healthcare. What happens to small business in the state with this crisis? I normally like WCCO, but that was a pathetic thing to say.

  12. Yes Governor, just throw our money at the problem that will fix it!! Please resign!!

  13. umit honderst says:

    dayton, you’re a total disgrace. jesse was much better than you! now that you’ve fixed up the psych hospital, go there and stay! but then again they don’t want you either…….
    you own this complete f’up called mnsure! you dems pushed it through without the reps and now you want them to bail your butt out??? lol!!! you truly are stupid!!!