Says Plan Will Directly Reduce Premiums By 25 percent For 123,000 MinnesotansBy John Lauritsen

ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Finding a fix for MNsure is a hot topic at the State Capitol.

Open enrollment starts next week, and if something isn’t done, thousands of Minnesotans will end up with health premiums they can’t afford to pay. But on Thursday, DFL Governor Mark Dayton said he has a plan to help that focuses on insurance rebates.

Dayton said his plan would reduce rate increases from 55 percent to 16 percent on average. And he says it would reduce monthly premiums by 25 percent. This would focus on those 120,000-plus Minnesotans who are not eligible for a federal tax credit under MNSure, but are buying insurance on the individual market.

Governor Dayton said that they have three objectives: To start the plan under severe time restraints. The program also has to provide immediate financial assistance to people. And lastly, the program will require taking more than $300 million from the state surplus to help pay for the rebates.

“I emphasize that this is a draft proposal subject to further refinement in discussions with legislators. If anyone has another plan that is better to address those three objectives, I’m all ears,” said Dayton.

Governor Dayton said he’d like to have an agreement in place by Tuesday and then call a special session to finalize a plan after the election.

Here’s his statement in full:

“As I have said before, the Affordable Care Act is now causing very difficult financial problems for about two percent of Minnesotans, who purchase their insurance policies through the Individual Market and are above the income eligibility for federal tax credits. The other half of those people in the individual market will find significant financial assistance by purchasing their coverage through Minnesota’s Health Exchange, MNsure, and receiving federal tax credits, which will greatly reduce their insurance costs. Estimates are that as many as 100,000 Minnesotans, who qualify for this financial assistance, have thus far not taken advantage of it. It is crucially important that all Minnesotans, who will be buying their insurance policies in the Individual Market, first contact MNsure representatives, either on-line at or by calling 1-855-3MNSURE. MNsure is ready and able to help you.

Dayton said he’s reached out to lawmakers at the Capitol, including House Speaker Kurt Daudt.

On Wednesday, the GOP leader said he’d call for Dayton’s resignation if he didn’t feel he was working to fix the problem. A spokesperson for the Governor said he wouldn’t dignify Daudt’s “temper tantrum” with a response. Dayton said he’s hoping to hear back from lawmakers sooner rather than later.

“The ball is in their court now. Someone has a better idea, then fine. If they don’t have a better idea we can do this one or nothing at all. We have to face that reality,” said Dayton.

As the Governor mentioned, he’s all ears on how to fix this. He said he likes one idea by Republican Representative Greg Davids of Preston to push back the start of open enrollment a month, so they have more time to fix the problem. The governor said up to 100,000 other Minnesotans already qualify for financial help.

He urged them to contact MNsure before open enrollment starts next week. You can find help online or call 1-855-3-MNSURE.


John Lauritsen

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  1. David Harris says:

    So now EVERY Minnesota taxpayer gets to help pay for the increased premiums. It still doesn’t fix the unaffordable Obamacare Act. It just spreads the misery around to more people. Typical Dem solution to a problem that THEY caused.

  2. Liberal Lies says:

    liberal, the only that truly describes epic failure

  3. NonLib says:

    LMAO yet again at the liberal minds.
    My costs are out of sight. This is not even a Band Aid on an unaffordable out of control program.
    F’m – I’ll pay the fine. Protect my assets just in case and roll the dice.
    Keep it up lib’s – in time when the system is totally bankrupt, not a soul paying into this or in taxes as you want to be the nurse shark – I’ll suckle on one too like all the others. And the serious money – it’ll be elsewhere laughing at the USA

  4. umit honderst says:

    so idiot, i work hard to pay for health insurance and am also paying for the deadbeats,, where’s my effing rebate!

  5. ******** says:



    1. jeff says:

      no you are the piggy bank of the Uber rich Mark Dayton.. Trust fund brat who has held a real position at a real company for like 6 months. he is truly ENTITLED. oh and he hides his money in the Dakotas. to not pay the high taxes he imposes on the MINNESOTANS.

  6. Norge says:

    R E V O L U T I O N N O W

  7. Fed up says:

    While I sympathize with all the MN Sure people whose premiums are skyrocketing, so is my family’s premium that we help pay for through my husband’s employer. Where’s my rebate to decrease my rising costs ? Concentrate your efforts on the insurance companies who are raping all of our pocketbooks while they show record profits and give out bonuses to their executives.

    Also the Affordable Care Act was a disaster to begin with. In talking to someone who deals with this at the County Level, she stated that while the thought was to get people who were on the county system affordable insurance and off the county, the exact opposite happened. More people became eligible to get County assistance, and then the County had to hire more staff to service all the new clients. Furthermore, I know people who did NOT have any medical insurance, but were able go to the doctor and pay their bill. Now they were forced to get insurance and all their money goes to pay the premium, and they do not go to the doctor when needed, because they have no money to pay the co-pays, and their deductibles are so high, that normal insurance does not kick in.

    Governor Dayton needs to help all Minnesotans with rising medical insurance costs !

    1. jeff says:

      By stealing from peter to pay paul? Peter is you and I in this scenario. MnSure is nothing but OBAMACARE as localized as you can get. Just wait til the democrats cram a SINGLE payer system down our neck and the DEMOCRATS are the ones checking the box if you get care or if they think you don’t need car. you can just “tell grandma to take a pain pill” that was Obama. and that’s the mindset of the DEMOCRATS who crammed this through without caring about its repercussions. Dayton should get the Hell out of the way of “fixing it” Seeing as he’s the idiot along with all the other DEMOCRATS who did this to us.

      1. ******** says:

        Pelosi-we need to pass the bill to find out whats in it…

        WE FOUND OUT..and we are finding out about alot more BAD stuff the democrats built into it.

  8. Liberal Lies says:

    Where is the story about MnSure sending out information on how to vote?


  9. glg5151 says:

    My wife is one who is facing huge premium increases and we pay all out of pocket not on the exchange so we get no subsidy. I too don’t think this is a solution and is unfair to many. Vote democrats out of office as they just want to keep the needy needy and never have a solution to anything. Their answer is always throw more tax dollars at the problem. Yes this is a Federal problem but we can vote out the Dems and demand solutions. Your only recourse is with your vote.

  10. Floyd says:

    So a fired used car salesman (Kurt Duadt) who was in huge credit card debt and who failed to pay his taxes in a timely manner is lecturing the Governor of Minnesota over rising health care costs that he (Duadt) has no plan to fix.

    Really? How does Duadt get a single vote from his constituents, unless they don’t pay attention.

    1. jeff says:

      I like Kurt Duadt. Especially if he’s bugging you liberal losers. I seen the attacks on him go up 100% thought you guys weren’t scared bout 2016. Please its a good year to be on the right side of everything all along and get our chance in 2016. Please minnesotans stop voting for these DEMOCRAT idiots.

    2. Rob says:

      Typical liberal.

      Change the subject when the facts prove your policies are disastrous.

      Why are you so stupid? Did you go to a government school?

  11. During Bush Sr. I had a $6.50/hr prep cook job, I paid $39/month $10 copays for healthcare. What happened?

    The ACA will fail unless everyone pays the same for healthcare — that includes union nurses, public school teachers, University professors and government union people (working and retired)

  12. What about catastrophic healthcare benefits for people who don’t want free Viagra, birth control, sex changes and video game therapy? just basic coverage for immediate physical medical problems?

  13. Tim says:

    The Affordable Care Act assumed more young people would sign up to offset the costs t provide health care to baby boomers. Did not happen so the insurance companies see their profits shrinking rapidly, pull out of the “health exchanges” which now limits the number of option and caps participants. Men while mindless Dummycrats believe they should throw taxpayer money as a “rebate”, while others still have higher costs. You can’t fix stupid!

  14. Kerrie says:

    Who are these Democrats kidding? It’s still unaffordable even after taxing all other working MN citizens to pay for this intentionally designed disaster. Rates are going higher that no amount of higher taxes will be able to pay for it. So why don’t Democrats and the liberal media explain why people who don’t work for big business have to pay 3-4 times MORE for their insurance? Why? Why do people in rural areas have to pay 30-50% more than the metro areas? I hate Democrats. I don’t have insurance. I can’t afford it. The stupid IRS fine the Democrats threw at us for not being able to afford it is another knife in our backs.

  15. Phil Heim says:

    How many of you have looked at single payer health care In other developed countries? As of 2013 the United States paid 17.1% of GDP for health care the highest of 13 developed nations while having the lowest health care ranking. We pay the most and get the least. Getting rid of MNSURE will not lower premiums it is an exchange to compare products it does not set premium rates. The 6% of Minnesota citizens expected to pay these high rates are mainly small business owners, farmers and self employed individuals. Most of these people contribute to growth in our economy. People that did not have insurance before depended on Medicaid and the rest of us to pay premiums. I worked Union most of my life and had good family coverage and am now retired on Medicare and paying supplemental coverage. I traded my training for good wages and benefits. Now we have 6% of our population being punished because they have been lumped in with high risk individuals or people being subsidized. Single payer would spread the risk across our entire population. We need educated skilled people who contribute to our economy not takers. Nobody is an island we are all in this together and are stronger together.