By Bill Hudson

DULUTH, Minn. (WCCO) — A tight and expensive race for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional district attracted some star power in Duluth Friday.

Vice President Joe Biden spoke to hundreds of supporters of 8th District Congressman Rick Nolan in a University of Minnesota Duluth gymnasium, making a pitch he hopes will keep Rick Nolan in office.

The race between Nolan and his Republican challenger, Stewart Mills, is among the country’s most expensive campaigns, with more than $15 million dollars already spent.

With just 11 days to go, Democrats are pulling out all the stops — hoping desperately to retain control the Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District.

“He’s missing something,” Nolan said of his opponent, “and that is what the people of Minnesota’s 8th Congressional District expect out of a representative in Washington.”

The rematch between Nolan and Mills is extremely close. Nolan’s campaign hopes the appeal of a blue collar vice president will help shore up middle class support. Biden told the crowd that Nolan will tackle the serious threat posed by wealth inequality.

“He’s in it basically to restore the middle class,” Biden said. “The bargain used to be — and Republicans used to adhere to it — that if you work hard for the profitability of the enterprise you’re with, wherever you work, and they make money, you share in what was made.”

In a more folksy than fiery speech, Biden made his populist appeal — touching on the dignity in a job, and fair pay for all workers.

“He knows that there’s no reason in the world in the 21st Century on this university campus, why a woman doing the exact same job as a man shouldn’t be paid the exact same wages that man’s being paid,” he said.

Biden ripped into Republicans and called wealth inequality the single greatest threat to the working class. He ended on a note of optimism, in a race that’s had it’s share of negatives.

“We are America, ladies and gentlemen, and it’s time to take it back from the people who want to do something different,” Biden said.

For Democrats, the visit could be crucial to the outcome of the fight for the 8th District. The race decided by fewer that than 4,000 votes in 2014.

Bill Hudson

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  1. Biden is NO blue collar! The guy has never held a private sector job in his life. He’s always been a politician. Why doesn’t WCCO know this? And why give a false narrative in this story? Nolan voted for ObamaCare. Our insurance rates are going up 60% and a lot more every year because of Rick Nolan. Mills is the only guy who isn’t corrupt to the core. Hillary Clinton is getting indicted by the FBI. Was just in the news. They found more evidence with the Clinton Foundation PaytoPlay scam while she was running the State Dept.

  2. Too bad this site doesn’t allow for linking. There are hundreds of videos showing pedophile Joe Biden inappropriately touching little girls at the White House. And Joe Biden rubbing, touching, saying sexual innuendos to women and little girls. It’s so freaking creepy. These girls pull away, but Joe Biden bruises their arms holding them back to his body. Then he tries to kiss them.

  3. Big Joe Blow Biden is part of the oBlamo operation to ELIMINATE the middle class and so is Nolan!!! He has done nothing for Minnesota in Washington and is part of the movement to bring ISIS Operatives (Refugees) to Northern Minnesota. The part that he says is missing is his own shortcoming, not that of Stewart Mills!!!