MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A pastor at a Cottage Grove church is facing child pornography charges after police found sexually explicit images and videos of minors on his computer.

According to the criminal complaint, 47-year-od William Leonard Helker faces six counts of possession of child pornography.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension received CyberTip Reports from Facebook and Instagram saying a user, later identified as Helker, was suspected of possessing child pornography, the complaint states.

The reports identified multiple sexually explicit images exchanged between Helker and a suspect in Finland. That suspect was arrested Monday, according to Homeland Security.

The BCA executed a search warrant on Helker’s property Wednesday. Helker admitted he possessed child porn on his laptop and phone, according to the complaint. He estimated he had thousands of pornographic images and videos involving minors.

Helker is currently on administrative leave from his position as a pastor at All Saints Luthern Church.

In an interview with police, Helker said he took pictures of children at All Saints Lutheran Church events and edited them onto pornographic images.

Helker is being held at the Pine County Jail.

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  1. ******** says:

    the evil of it all…
    i hope the law investigators are watching for bacha bazi also….

  2. Kally Waters says:

    OMG – “he took pictures of children at All Saints Lutheran Church events and edited them onto pornographic images” This is way way beyond perverted. This is a extream heinous personal crime against the families of his church. They were just used as subjects for his own little porn picture factory.

  3. Kally Waters says:

    I am trying to wake people up (shock them if needed) to the danger of child molesters and some people’s ho hum.. what ever… attitude about them. THEY ARE MONSTERS and NEVER get better. They are all very dangerous! We need 80 year sentences for these MONSTERS. Wake up people, please ask your elected officials to increase the prison time for these crimes!
    This crime is not just like a some other crime, pay a little fine, do some jail time then you are OK and everyone should accept you back because you “paid your debt” and now you can go about your business like it was nothing… They are always going to be dangerous MONSTERS!
    I hate these criminal MONSTERS and sorry if I come on too strong about it, sorry… Irish blood.