MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Republican candidate Donald Trump has won the first round of Minnesota’s mock election for high school students, narrowly beating out Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.

Secretary of State Steve Simon announced Tuesday the results of the Minnesota Students Vote 2016, which showed the flamboyant businessman taking 34.97 percent of the vote. Clinton was close behind, with 32.89 percent.

More than 77,000 students from 213 high schools participated in the first round of the mock election, Simon said. More schools are slated to hold mock elections in the coming days before the Nov. 8 general election.

(credit: Secretary of State's Office)

(credit: Secretary of State’s Office)

Following the two major parties, write-in candidates took nearly 10 percent of the student vote. The other parties that made a considerable showing were the Legal Marijuana Now Party and the Libertarian Party, each of which got around 6 percent of the vote.

Maps of student voting statistics show that, in general, Trump won out in greater Minnesota while Clinton took the Twin Cities, St. Cloud and Duluth.

(credit: Secretary of State's Office)

(credit: Secretary of State’s Office)

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    1. Is Soros paying you $10 an hour for this disgusting stuff?

    2. Poor Mrs. Stainmaker…everyone but Pepe has abandoned her.

    3. we all know that democrats commit all the electoral fraud

  1. doesn’t mean anything that you get the majority when it’s rigged for electoral votes. we really need to do away with that system.

    1. Ajoy Sen says:

      @Randall Cheuvront : The electoral college has a lot of benefits and is the best for our political system. Just because DJT is not popular enough to win an election does nor mean there is anything wrong with our electoral process.

      1. John Smith says:

        Not popular enough?Seen the polls lately.

      2. So you disagreed with Gore and Hillary in 2000 as well?

      3. Kerr Puter says:

        EC is highly flawed then as it is now. If 58% of the popular vote goes to candidate A but he still looses the EC vote, then the 42% Minority if being represented and the 58% Majority is not.

        So what you’re saying is that the majority should suffer for an invalid EC system that was flawed from the start in every way.

        Also, if the EC was fair, each state would be given the exact same number, not 50 for this state 20 for that one.

        Re-districting lines are constantly being redrawn upon who has favor in congress for each state at the time. They just did it in PA based off of the majority D in office.

    2. PS Galvanek says:

      That system was put into place for reasons that are every bit as valid then as they are now. The US is NOT a democracy as the left likes to pretend it is, it is a representative republic and the EC was create to ensure that smaller states were represented in the process and a small number larger states couldn’t dominate the system. It was included in the Constitution as a condition to get the smaller states to ratify and join the union.

      If the EC were eliminated the populations of New York, Illinois and California could pick the President in every election going forward and it would only be a matter of time before the other 47 states would be forced to break away to avoid being trampled by them.

      1. No, if the Electoral College were eliminated then a vote from California, New York, or Illinois would count exactly as much as a vote from Wyoming or Rhode Island. It wouldn’t matter which state you’re from, unlike now, when votes from solidly partisan states like Maryland (Democratic) or Wyoming (Republican) hardly matter at all, while votes in swing states like Florida and Pennsylvania are crucial. Either get rid of the EC or do as Mr. Mayfield suggests and award a state’s EC votes by district or proportionally to the popular vote, rather than winner-take-all.

        1. The EC is also a deterrent to voting fraud. Hypothetically, if Dems commit 10,000 fraud votes in Philly, it might be enough to flip PA from Trump to Clinton. But the “damage” done would be limited to PA’s 20 EC votes. Increase the fraud in Philly to 100,000 and no additional advantage would be gained. In a national election, those additional 90,000 fraud votes would all impact the vote totals directly.

          Go Trump!!

          1. On the other hand, in a close election with an electoral college, the result can come down to a few hundred votes in a swing state. Just look at Florida in 2000, with a final official margin of 537 votes in favor of Bush. Switch just 300 of the votes Bush got, and just like that Gore wins. If it had been done by popular vote, it would have taken a quarter-million flipped votes to change the result.

        2. voodoodaddy1 says:

          You make zero sense. First you say eliminating the EC would result in California have one vote as would a state like Wyoming. Then you state Electors should be apportioned by sub-districts in each State. Forget it. The EC works just fine. The Popular vote diatribe is just whining by partisans. Large states could overrun smaller states every time. The only group who want the EC ended are Democrats because a very high portion of their votes are located in a few Urban coastal areas.

          1. I don’t know how you get that from what I said. What you should have gotten is that without the electoral college a vote from someone in California counts exactly the same as a vote from someone in Wyoming or Rhode Island or anywhere else, which is as it should be. With the EC, votes in smaller states count more than votes in bigger states, and votes in swing states count way more than votes in solidly partisan states. (And if the big states dominate a popular vote, then that’s only because the big states have more voters – Los Angeles County by itself has more than the smallest eight states combined.) Why should your vote count more just because you live in a small state, or you live in a swing state like Florida or New Hampshire that could decide the election?

        3. You’re 100% incorrect. The electoral college was created by smarter men than you or I. It keeps the votes weighted properly. My wife and I both did our college thesis on the EC. It is the best system for our country. The “popular vote” is mod rule.

          1. Except the Electoral College no longer works remotely the way its creators expected. The original idea was that electors would be selected for their judgment and allowed to pick whomever they thought was suitable since your average person lacked the time, judgment, and exposure to the candidates to make a good decision. These days, electors are chosen for their loyalty to their candidate and in most states its illegal for them to go against the popular vote in their state.

            In 2000 it meant that voting irregularities in Florida covering a few hundred votes overruled a half-million popular votes in the opposite direction, and instead of the president most people wanted, we got the second choice.

    3. Nothing is wrong with the electoral college except for the winner take all part of it. Nebraska and Maine both award electors by congressional districts but the other 48 states are winner take all. If you awarded by districts the candidates couldn’t play the swing state game and republicans would have a slight advantage. It also keeps political parties from stuffing the ballot boxes in their districts to win the over-all popular vote. It’s easier to steal an election with the popular vote than the electoral college. It’s just the winner take all part.

      1. Ya know Walt, I am a fan of the EC, but I think you’re on to something. I wouldn’t mind CD incorporated into the EC. Anyone see a downside to this? It would make it harder for the DFL to commit vote fraud in separate CD instead of just the high population Mpls/St. Paul area. As well as other states with high population centers that turn out more votes than people that live there like the last two elections.

    4. Majority? 34% is nowhere near a majority. In fact, I’ll be surprised if either Trump or Clinton get 50% next Tuesday.

  2. Doug Day says:

    Urbaners really are an inferior lot, aren’t they?

  3. Big indicator that things are moving Trump’s way. Kids vote the way their parents are voting.

    1. PS Galvanek says:

      Indeed, especially since union school teachers usually put pressure on kids to vote for they Democrat and they usually win these things. Doesn’t seem to be working this time. Pat Caddell might just be right and this is shaping up to be 1980 all over again.

      1. “Donald Trump has won the first round”. What?? You only get to vote once in real life. Would they do a second round if Hillary won? Nope! Nice to see the liberal schools are teaching kids at a young age that if you don’t like the results, RIG the election and keep voting till you get the results you want. Franken? Franken? Anyone? Franken?

  4. Just wondering, if the percentages were reversed, would Trump be described as “close behind?”

  5. Fred Doe says:

    Once this is all over and the complete extent of the clinton’s corruption is revealed, we must develop some kind of voter eligibility test that will prevent the corrupt, dependent and stupid from ever voting again.

  6. This could be an omen for the state of Minnesota – Trump could win. As a former congressional aide and pollster from the 7th district in the 80’s it was almost impossible to get the 18-20 year olds to vote GOP, it was almost a miracle when we would win a campus area. I know the polls on the Iron Range show a 10-15% advantage for Trump, this is a reversal from previous years where the DFL or DEM candidate it usually 10-15% above the GOP. If Trump can do ok in the North and West Suburbs he could actually win the state. I see it much closer than the 7% advantage that Clinton has that recent polls suggest. My prediction is that at this point its a tie and the winner will be in the 1-1.5% range.

  7. Even naive and inexperienced high school students can see the corruption and criminality of Hillary Clinton. Landslide starting in 10, 9, 8, 7……

  8. Donald Trump wants to “Make America Great Again”. Many people think this statement is offensive for some reason. Here’s why it isn’t:

    – we are the most obese nation in the world
    – we have 20+ trillion in debt
    – we rank close to last in education compared to developed countries
    – the media lies to us everyday. politicians lie to us everyday.
    – it costs at arm and a leg for health insurance. mine is $600 a month. compare this with my $25 a month auto insurance (from Insurance Panda) or my $10 a month renters. the government needs to step out of health insurance!
    – race relations are terrible
    – our government only cares about itself and the special interest groups
    – our military fights for the interest of oil companies and not too defeat terrorists. (Terrorists control more land today than when we started the war!)
    – our country gets offended by EVERYTHING nowadays.

    Go Hide In Your Safe Spaces! TRUMP 16!

  9. voodoodaddy1 says:

    Now if the adults can just get Trump elected now MAYBE we can save the country long enough to allow these High Schoolers to take over and stamp out Liberals and Democrats forever. I have hope!

  10. There might be hope for these kids after all. Hillary offers nothing but the SOS, while Trump will get our economy to provide you with jobs and money. What do you choose? Choose carefully.

    1. Well yes. The article says this is the “first round”. You only get one chance to vote in one election in real life. The liberal schools will keep indoctrinating the kids state wide till they “get their minds right” and hold another election hoping for the “correct” outcome. If that doesn’t happen, the teachers will do what all good democrats do and put Trump votes in the Clinton pile. Repeat of Al Franken stealing the election from Nick Coleman. Two recounts till you get the result you want and Bingo you’ve now properly learned how to create a banana republic.

  11. James Mott says:

    Wow, in Minnesota? The parents are probably very unhappy. I thought everyone was born DFL and had to dig your way out as time went on.

  12. Mike Arvand says:

    The metro areas MN has always been filled with morons. They don’t call it the land of 10,000 liberals for nothing. Only state to vote against Reagan. Hell of a legacy.

    But what else can you expect when you fill the twin cities with liberal brainwashed idiots, illegals, and welfare addicts and break federal law with being a sanctuary city.

  13. It’s See?BS! hence the really flattering Trump photo.
    Crush the Left.

  14. Brett Ostrom says:

    I took this from another post, but it was so good I needed to share it!
    Well America, if you don’t care about the Supreme Court, jobs, the economy, the 20 trillion dollar debt, our military men and woman, our status in the world, defeating ISIS, the border, letting thousand of refugees into the country unvetted, the welfare and food stamp rolls being over-run, your healthcare, flat salaries for working your butt off, small businesses going out of business (remember, government does not create jobs), regulations as far as the eye can see, government in every aspect of your life, your gun rights, energy independence, the schools going back to State control, Iran and more in the Middle East with nuclear weapons, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, English as the first language, no moral codes & respect for the unborn, and the list goes on and on and on……………….then Hillary Clinton is your girl………….There is a vast difference between dirty language and dirty deeds……………….right now we have a country to save that seems to have hit Barack bottom…